TaxCycle 9.0.37820.0—2019 T3, T5013 and TP-600

This major TaxCycle release provides filing versions of 2019 T3, T5013 and TP-600 returns.

This version is available as an automatic update, full download from our website and a free trial. (To deploy auto-update files from your network, see the Auto-Update files page.)

Update to version 9.0.37806.0

On January 28, 2020, we released an update to version 9.0.37806.0. This update:

  • Resolves an issue where TaxCycle was slowing down or crashing if the history table on CCA worksheets (such as the S8Asset in TaxCycle T2) was split across pages.
  • Adds carry forward support for the T1135 in T3.
  • Adds new feature that makes it easier to set the file name when printing slips to separate PDF files. (See below.)

Release highlights

2019 versions of T5013 and TP-600 certified for filing

TaxCycle T5013 2019 is certified for filing by the CRA using the latest updates for 2019. The Québec TP-600 return is also certified by Revenu Québec. Changes include:

  • The S8Asset worksheet has been updated with support for Accelerated Investment Incentive (AII) calculations.
  • New capital cost allowance (CCA) classes for zero-emission vehicles.
  • New! Foreign Reporting Requirements Management System (FRRMS) Submit e-Documents Service for electronically filed foreign returns (T1135). Please review the FRRMS Submit e-Documents for more information on submitting documents related to T1135 filing from TaxCycle.
  • T1135 EFILE is certified for filing from the T5013 module for fiscal periods ending between January 1, 2017, and May 31, 2020. Please review the T1135 EFILE help topic for more information on filing foreign income verification statements from TaxCycle.
  • Customer Reported Performance improvements to 2019 files that contain many partners.
  • Customer Reported Added support for carrying forward Limited Partner loss balances and corrected the calculation at line 109.
  • Resolved Issue T5013-FIN with new assets in 2019 are now accepted when electronic filing. See the related known issue.

Please note that electronic filing via the T5013 Slip Summary box in the Transmit sidebar submits both the T5013 slips and the summary to the CRA.

2019 versions of T3 certified for filing. TP-646 in preview

TaxCycle T3 2019 is certified for filing by the CRA using the latest updates for 2019. The Québec TP-646 undergoing certification with Revenu Québec and shows a preview watermark on related forms.

New! File names when printing slips to separate PDFs

It is now easier to set file names when printing slips to separate PDFs.

  1. Check the box to Create one file for each recipient.
  2. A new Slip file name field appears to allow you to select variables for the naming of individual slips.
  3. This list includes variables for Slip Issuer. Also note that any variables that reference the "Client", will use the recipient information. For example, Client SIN or Business Number, will insert the SIN or Business Number of the slip recipient rather than the slip issuer.

New! Electronic filing of Québec MR-69 from TaxCycle T1/TP1

You can now use TaxCycle T1/TP1 to submit a signed copy of the MR-69 to Revenu Québec. This allows you to quickly gain authorization as a representative to download data from Revenu Québec Tax Data Download.

MR-69 electronic submissions will be added for CO-17, TP-646 and TP-600 returns in the coming weeks.

Complete the MR-69 in TaxCycle and have your client sign two copies of it. Then, attach a signed copy to the MR69Results worksheet to include in the submission:

Within a few minutes of receiving the transmission, the automated system at Revenu Québec reviews the fields and verifies there is a signature. If the form passes inspection, you will gain access to the client's account right away. If the inspection fails, you will need to re-submit the signed documents. To find out the processing status of an MR-69 submission, check the Revenu Québec Mon dossier pour les représentants professionnels (page only available in French); the status is not communicated back to TaxCycle.

Please read the MR-69 authorization form help topic for detailed instructions.

New! Scenario summary

  1. The new Scenario summary in TaxCycle T1 allows you to create and compare possible tax situations for your clients.
  2. Enter data in the return, then Add a scenario to take a snapshot of that data.
  3. The first column on the summary shows the current "live" data in the return.
  4. Create as many scenarios as you like. Only the first four scenarios show on the summary.
  5. To delete scenarios or change the order they appear on the summary, click Manage scenarios on the Tools menu.

Please read the Scenario summary help topic for detailed instructions.

Customer Requests

  • T4—A new print set for printing the T2200 and generating separate PDF files for each recipient.
  • T1 and T2—Instalment worksheets now automatically calculate a “catch-up” payment for instalments due based on the signing date of the tax return.
  • Québec RL slips can now be generated as separate PDF files for each recipient. This applies to RL-1 and RL-2 slips in TaxCycle T4; RL-3 in TaxCycle T5; and RL-24 and RL-31 in TaxCycle RL.

Template changes

  • Customer Request The 2019 and 2018 T1 client letters (CLetter and JLetter) have been updated with the latest rates for the Guaranteed Income Supplement.
  • Customer Request The 2019 and 2018 T1 client letters for deceased taxpayers (DLetter) have been updated to include a new snippet (DQCSummary) for TP1 information.
  • Customer Request The T2 client letters from 2016 onward have been updated to correctly display the payment due date for CO-17 returns as two months after the tax year-end.
  • A new template has been added to the TaxCycle RL module for creating childcare expense receipts based on the information on RL-24 slips.
  • The 2019 and 2018 T3 client letters (CLetter) have been updated to include paragraphs on interest and penalties owing upon late filing a return.
  • The T3 client letter now includes details of the Québec TP-646 return.

Status of 2019 federal returns and slips

  • T1—Preview of 2019 forms and calculations. You may begin data entry but must await the CRA's certification before filing.
  • T2—Certified to file tax year ends up to May 31, 2020.
  • T3RET—Ready for filing.
  • T3 slips—Ready for filing.
  • NR4 (in T3 module)—Ready for filing.
  • T4—Ready for filing.
  • T4A—Ready for filing.
  • T4PS—Ready for filing.
  • T4ARCA—Ready for filing.
  • T5—Ready for filing.
  • T5013-FIN—Ready for filing.
  • T5013 slip summary—Ready for filing.
  • T5018—Ready for filing.
  • NR4 slips (standalone NR4 module)—Ready for filing.
  • T4A-NR slips (in NR4 module)—Ready for filing.
  • T3010—Ready for filing.

Status of 2019 Québec returns and relevés

  • TP1—Preview of 2019 forms and calculations. You may begin data entry but must await Revenu Québec's certification before filing.
  • CO-17—Certified to file tax year ends up to May 31, 2020.
  • TP-646—Preview of 2019 forms and calculations. You may begin data entry but must await Revenu Québec's approval before filing.
  • RL-16—Preview of 2019 forms and calculations. You may begin data entry but must await Revenu Québec's approval before filing.
  • RL-1—Ready for filing.
  • RL-2—Ready for filing.
  • RL-3—Ready for filing.
  • TP-600—Ready for filing.
  • RL-15—Ready for filing.
  • RL-24—Ready for filing.
  • RL-31—Ready for filing.
  • TP-985.22—Ready for filing.

Status of file carryforwards from 2018 to 2019

As of this release, all of the following 2018 to 2019 carryforwards are up to date and ready for batch carryforward:

  • T1/TP1—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®, DT Max®
  • T2/CO-17—Carryforwards from TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax® DT Max®, creating files with year ends up until May 31, 2020
  • T3/TP-646, RL-16—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®, DT Max®
  • T4, T4A, RL-1/RL-2—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • T4PS—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • T4A-RCA—TaxCycle, ProFile®
  • T5, RL-3—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • T5013/TP-600, RL-15—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • T5018—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • T3010/TP-985.22—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • NR4—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®
  • Forms—TaxCycle, ProFile® (Info and NR6), Taxprep® (Info and NR6)
  • RL—TaxCycle, ProFile®, Taxprep®, Cantax®