TaxCycle 9.1.38167.0—Customer Requests/Reports

This update addresses recent requests received through customer support. We recommend installing this update if you need to download tuition data for your clients from Auto-fill my return (AFR).

Get this version as an automatic update, a full download from our website or a free trial. (To deploy auto-update files from your network, see the Auto-update files page.)

Update to Version 9.1.38098.0

On February 27, 2020, we released version 9.1.38098.0 as a full download only. With the release of the automatic update, we:

  • Solved the issue affecting lines 42, 44, 46 on Québec TP1 Schedule C (TPC).
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate rows for expenses on Québec TP1 Schedule C (TPC). If you have a file with this issue, TaxCycle will repair the file when you next open it.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing TaxCycle to crash after successfully filing RL-15 slips.
  • Fixed the banner that suggests creating a TP1-R.
  • Fixed the Reselect prior year file dialog box to prevent an error when clicking the Open selected button without first selecting a file.
  • Excluded the Yukon carbon rebate from the calculation of provincial credits on the T1 instalment worksheet.
  • Added a new tax bracket to the T1 Planner for British Columbia residents with taxable income over $220,000.
  • Updated the calculation at TP1 line 101 to include foreign employment income.
  • Added carryforward of Taxprep® T2 files up to version 2.3.
  • Added electronic filing of Québec MR-69 from TaxCycle T2, T3 and T5013 (see below).

Update highlights

New! Electronic filing of Québec MR-69 from TaxCycle T2, T3 and T5013

You can now use TaxCycle T2, T3 or T5013 to submit a signed copy of the MR-69 to Revenu Québec (this is in addition to TaxCycle T1/TP1 released in January). This allows you to quickly gain authorization to represent your CO-17, TP-646 and TP-600 clients with Revenu Québec.

Complete the MR-69 in TaxCycle and have your client sign two copies of it. Then, attach a signed copy to the MR69Results worksheet to include in the submission:

Within a few minutes of receiving the transmission, the automated system at Revenu Québec reviews the fields and verifies there is a signature. If the form passes inspection, you will gain access to the client's account right away. If the inspection fails, you will need to re-submit the signed documents. To find out the processing status of an MR-69 submission, check the Revenu Québec Mon dossier pour les représentants professionnels (page only available in French); the status is not communicated back to TaxCycle.

Please read the MR-69 authorization form help topic for detailed instructions.

RESOLVED: Error Importing AFR Tuition Data

This update resolves the issue where importing Auto-fill my return (AFR) data containing tuition information caused an error in TaxCycle. If you followed the workaround mentioned in the known issue, please complete the following steps after installing this update:

  1. Return to the AFR window.
  2. Select a new or existing slip from the drop-down list next to the Tuition (T2202/TL11) slip.
  3. Click the Import data button to bring in the tuition data.

Customer Requests/Reports

  • Added indexing for Taxprep® T3 2018 files to the Client Manager.
  • Changed the text for the T2 T183 printed workflow task. It previously showed the text “T183 signed.”
  • Resolved the issue with filing a T1135 with a fiscal period end of December 31, 2019, or later, from TaxCycle T5013.
  • Added a message warning that import of AFR data into a locked file is not permitted.
  • Adjusted the eligibility for the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) to include foreign students with full-time tuition.
  • Updated the calculation of the maximum transferable amount on Schedule 11 (S11) to include foreign tuition amounts. In other words, line 15 of the S11 now includes eligible tuition fees paid at line 3.

Template Changes

  • Corrected the amount for the Alberta Child and Family Benefit (ACFB) shown in the T1 client letters (CLetter, JLetter).
  • Changed the wording for Québec child assistance payments to Québec Family Allowance in the T1 client letters (CLetter, JLetter).
  • Corrected the condition that adds the Québec MR-69 form to the list of forms requiring a signature when paper filing in the Québec snippets in T1 client letters (QCSummary and QCJointFiling).
  • Fixed the date condition on the Interest and Penalties paragraph in the T1 deceased client letter (DLetter).