TaxCycle 9.1.38571.0—E-Signatures on Québec MR-69

This update adds the electronic signatures for the Québec MR-69 form and resolved issues reported since the prior version.

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Release Highlights

New! Electronic Signatures on Québec MR-69

As a temporary measure until September 1, 2020, Revenu Québec will recognize electronic signatures on the form MR-69 Authorization to Communicate Information or Power of Attorney. The MR-69 form in TaxCycle now contains the marker in the signature field to request and place the electronic signature through DocuSign®.

To learn how DocuSign® works from TaxCycle, watch this webinar. Read the Electronic Signatures with DocuSign® help topic for step-by-step instructions.

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Resolved Issues

  • T1—The calculations for optimizing donations between spouses no longer recalculate and change amounts on previously filed or completed returns. You will instead see a warning message on existing returns, with the option to use the new calculations. A Quick Fix message will allow you to revert to the old calculations later if you choose to.
  • T2—The T2 Client Letter (CLetter) now correctly shows the client's name and address in the salutation and closing of the letter. (This issue was introduced when we made the initial changes to address the COVID-19 due date extensions.)
  • T2—The COVID-19 paragraph now only shows the filing due date extension if applicable to the corporation.
  • T3—The COVID-19 due date extensions now display in the T3 client letter (CLetter) for applicable year ends after December 31, 2019.
  • TaxCycle no longer requires an email address on the Info worksheet when you print a tax return.