TaxCycle version 8.1.34983.0—2019 T5018 and NR4

This release rolls over the T5018 and NR4 slips modules to 2019 for early data entry, and includes smaller requests and fixes.

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Patch to version 8.1.34975.0

On April 8, 2019, we released a patch to version 8.1.34975.0 containing the following items:

  • T1—A fix for the crash that occurred when using the mouse to select items near the bottom of the CCA class list.
  • T657—The revised calculation of eligible capital gains from reserves on farm or fishing property disposed of after April 20, 2015 and before 2018.
  • TP1—A fix for a NetFile Quebec transmission error caused by the attempt to include information from a field on a second copy of TP-64.3 that had been renamed in an earlier release.
  • TP1—A fix for a NetFile Quebec transmission error that occurred when the amount paid was entered on line 481, which then excluded information about when a balance due would be paid.

Release highlights

Rollover of T5018 and NR4 modules to 2019

The new modules for TaxCycle T5018 and TaxCycle NR4 allow you to begin data entry for 2019 slips. Please note the following:

  • You can carry forward T5018 and NR4 files from TaxCycle. Carryfowards from other software are not yet available.
  • You can use these modules to begin data entry earlier in the year.
  • The government forms are the 2018 forms updated to include 2019 indexed amounts and budget changes announced or estimated based on the information we have at this time. A review message appears on the year-end date field and in a bulletin at the top of the forms to remind you of this.
  • These modules permit CRA Internet File Transfer (XML).

Customer requests

  • Calculator/Tape—A floating point mode has been added. Press the F button to enter this mode.
  • Save Review Tabs—Right-click on a tab of an open form and select Save current tabs as review tabs to save a list of currently-open forms as those you use to review returns. Then, when you're ready to review, right-click on the tab and select Open review tabs to display those forms.

T1 changes

  • Updated the T1 Planner to the correct 2019 tax rates for Saskatchewan and personal amount for Manitoba.
  • Added review messages warning when Auto-fill my return (AFR) data does not include any unused tuition amounts, federal or provincial, but an amount has been entered on the relevant Schedule 11 forms.
  • Corrected the calculation at Line 2 of form T2203 to include income on line 122 of the T1 jacket.
  • Adjusted the MB479 family income calculation for newcomers to Canada to exclude income earned before arriving in Canada.
  • Adjusted the medical expense limit calculation to remove a negative amount on line 127 from the net income in the case of a deceased client.

TP1 changes

  • Updated form TP-1029.8.33.6.
  • Adjusted TP1 Schedule J calculations to allow for cases where only one spouse of a couple is resident in a private seniors home.
  • Adjusted TP1 Schedule R calculations to trigger when the client only has insurable earnings of a person responsible for a family-type resource or an intermediate resource.
  • Adjusted TP1 Schedule A calculations adjusted to calculate an amount for other types of dependants of parents and grandparents.

T3 changes

  • The TP-646 is now used when business income is assigned to Québec on a multiple jurisdiction return.
  • Limited limited partnership income is now added into line 55 of the T3RET.

Resolved issues

  • T1/TP1—The bulletin suggesting you download data from the Québec Tax Data Download now only appears if the selection on the MR-69 form is either: Authorization already on file with Revenu Québec or Power of attorney already on file with Revenu Québec. This resolves the related known issue.
  • T1—Multiple review messages are no longer being generated when locking and unlocking files. This resolves the issue reported on