TaxCycle Version 8.1.35009.0—Resolved Issues

This update resolves issues we discovered after releasing versions 8.1.34975 and 8.1.34983 earlier in April. It also includes other fulfillments from customer requests.

This version is available as a full download from our website and an automatic update. (To deploy auto-update files from your own network, see the Auto-update files page.)

Release highlights

TP1: Changes to form TP-66

Changes were made to form TP-66, Employment expenses of transport employees. The calculation of the amount to claim at line 52 of the TP-66 was adjusted as to not require the completion of "2 Part to be completed by the employer" on page 3. This is similar to the TL2 (federal equivalent).

Customer requests

  • T1 Carryforward of gifts—The carry forward of Gifts of sensitive land has been added to TaxCycle.
  • T1 Carry forward of provincial summary—The carry forward of T1 provincial summary has been added for all competitor carryforwards in TaxCycle.
  • T3 Carryforward—The trustees names with middle name initials are now carried forward correctly from ProFile

Resolved issues

  • Non-resident spouses' net world income doubled on T1 jacket—This resolves the related known issue.