e-Courier from TaxCycle

Updated: 2022-11-25

As of the fall of 2022, we are sunsetting the e-Courier integration. If you need to continue using it this tax season, please follow the instructions in the Enable e-Courier in TaxCycle and DoxCycle help topic.

Email may be a convenient way to send documents to your clients. However it is not a secure method for sending sensitive information. That's why TaxCycle has partnered with to offer you a secure method for sending electronic documents to your clients and colleagues.

e-Courier Account in Options

To configure sending with, you must first enter the email address in TaxCycle Options.

  1. Go to the File menu, then click on Options.
  2. On the left side of the dialog box, expand TaxCycle, then Organization and click on e-courier.
  3. On the right side, enter the email address associated with your account and press Enter to verify the e-Courier account exists.
  4. Click OK to save your email account login.

Screen Capture: Successful Connection

Select e-Courier When Printing

  1. Open a tax return and make sure you have the email address set on the Info worksheet.
  2. To attach a PDF of a form—such as the T183—go that form, the press Ctrl+Shift+P (or click on Tools then Print Form) to open the single form print box. See the Print/PDF a Form help topic for more information.
  3. To attach a PDF of a print set—such as the Client Copy—click on the Print/PDF sidebar, or press Ctrl+P. Then, click the edit link to open the print configuration. See the Print/PDF a Return help topic for more information.
  4. In Printer/Output, select PDF or Microsoft XPS.
  5. In the Email field, select e-Courier.
  6. In the Message, select the email cover letter template you wish to use. See the Email Templates help topic to learn how to create your own.
  7. To use these settings to use every time you print the form or print set, click the Save these settings links.
  8. Click Send via e-Courier to print the form or print set immediately and create the email message.
    Screen Capture: TaxCycle Print Dialog
  9. A new window will open to the website. If you are not already logged into the site, you will be asked to enter your password.
    Screen Capture: Sign In
  10. If the recipient does not yet have an account on, you will be asked to create a guest account for the person so they can receive the package. This also adds the person to your address book.
  11. In e-Courier, you will see the email message from the TaxCycle template you selected and the attached PDF file. You can review and change the wording of the message or any other e-Courier settings before sending the message.
  12. Press Send e-Package to send the document securely.
    Screen Capture: Message