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TaxCycle testimonial, Claudette Edie

Claudette M. Edie CGA PC
Independent Member Firm of Porter Hétu International

This new, paperless environment makes everything so much easier. Even our first-time users take to it so quickly!  

This was my first year using TaxCycle. I LOVE the software. It saves me so many steps in comparison to other software I’ve used. I’ve been following Cameron’s career with ProFile® and Cantax ®. I decided to switch because of his programming pedigree, and the issues we were having with our old software. And I wasn’t disappointed! It’s so much more intuitive with things like Auto-fill my return. We use all the modules, and this new, paperless environment makes everything so much easier. 

It has so many awesome features. My favourites have to be the Review Sidebar, the Tape Summary, and the automatic T1-ADJs. Actually everything that’s typically on a tax preparers’ wish-list is there, plus, time-saving enhancements that seem obvious now, but no one else is offering. I had no hesitation in recommending it to our whole network. 
TaxCycle Testimonial, Nick Hamilton

Nick Hamilton
Journals Accounting Services

The bottom line is that we can turn around more T1s and T2s faster and more accurately with TaxCycle. 

TaxCycle is a great choice for us. Aside from all the new streamlined features, the software has a much more contemporary look and feel to it—and, of course, the support has been excellent. We’ve been very impressed with the company’s response to suggestions for improvement. It really comes down to a lot of little things that it does. We love the Refresh Carry Forward, and how assets are handled on the S8 asset is so much better. But honestly, after using it for a couple of years and becoming familiar with it, we’ve forgotten all the features that drew us to the software in the first place. They’re just so obvious and intuitive, now, that we take them for granted—the day-to-day benefits are what really count. And the bottom line is that we can turn around more T1s and T2s faster and more accurately with TaxCycle.
Greg Buck, TaxCycle Testimonial

Greg Buck
KEY Financial Group LLP

We’ve dramatically increased productivity and efficiency. We highly recommend its use to all firms, big or small.

We switched to TaxCycle in the Spring of 2015 due to support problems with the competitor we were using. While my staff was somewhat reluctant to change software, especially part-way through the busy tax season, they unanimously agreed to the change once they experienced TaxCycle. Now, after two T1 seasons and one T2 season, it’s so evident that our decision to change was the correct one.

The ease of training, general usability, and the staff’s new level of confidence has significantly lowered the stress level in our busy time. Something a partner seeks in so many ways. We appreciate the software’s intuitive operation, amazing support, and ease of use. It’s head and shoulders above anything else we’ve used—which includes almost all the other industry options. We highly recommend its use to all firms, big or small.

What our customers say about us...


We believe TaxCycle is the best tax preparation product on the market. Considering it has only been on the market for a few years, that is an amazing accomplishment.


Jim Burch
The Kemp Harvey Group khgcga.com

This has to be the first time I've ever called a tax software "sexy"! Thanks so much for all the great features!


Jeanette Glass, Owner
Jeanette Glass Professional Corporation


This was our first season with TaxCycle and DoxCycle. We were extremely happy with the support and their willingness to listen to users. Kudos to the Trilogy team!


Matthew Jackson, CPA, CGA
HLW Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.

This is my second year using T1 and T2 versions and I am very happy with the program and with the support. The best thing is when an issue comes up, it is addressed almost immediately and not by just one person, I have had several staff respond to make sure I was well taken care of when I did have some questions.

The amount of time I save when doing a corporate return is astounding and well preparing the T1 has never been easier.


Michael J Evoy


"Just wanted to let you know I found a tablet that I can run the software off of, the HP Stream 8!! I literally am able to carry around my tax software in my pocket and am able to prepare taxes anywhere and anytime!!! Nothing comes close to being as easy to use and as innovative as TaxCycle!! Thanks for a great product!!!


Karen Cochrane, Owner
K.C. Bookkeeping Services