Preparing T1 Self-employment Tax Returns

Join us for a webinar of tips and tricks for preparing self-employment tax returns (T2125) in TaxCycle T1.

  • Create a new T2125 form
  • Import information from Excel®
  • Enter COVID-related assistance
  • Enter business-use-of-home expenses
  • Enter motor vehicle expenses
  • Enter and track assets
  • Adjust the CCA claim
  • Complete the T1139 reconciliation for business income for tax purposes
  • Complete the T2125 for a partnership
  • Share T2125 with spouse
  • Smart Copy/Paste T2125 with partners
  • Allocating to multiple jurisdictions
  • T2125 Summaries

Answer the polls during the webinar to earn 0.75 verifiable CPD credits.

Sarka Hojda

45 minutes

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