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Sure accountants like numbers, but you’ll LOVE these ones.*


Office employee satisfaction increases 42% using TaxCycle vs. their old tax software.

Firms reduce paper usage by 23% by adopting a “paperless tax office”.

Users report that tax preparation is 20% more accurate using the TaxCycle Suite.

TaxCycle users spend 21% less time per tax return vs. their previous software.


*Based on summer 2016 customer survey results, with 708 offices responding.


Hear why clients switched to the paperless tax office canada flag maple leaf



“Incredibly user friendly”

”Considerably more efficient”

“Best optimization in tax returns”

“Saves me time”

“When I call, people answer”


TaxCycle and DoxCycle make switching to a standardized paperless process easy and affordable for your large or small tax practice. 


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Top 8 reasons to switch to TaxCycle

1. Thoughtfully modern, totally familiar

TaxCycle is made from today’s best technology paired with familiar shortcuts and forms. Keystrokes like F4 for finding forms and F2 for override, and features like natural-language search mean you'll be preparing returns more efficiently from day one.

2. Fully integrated tax suite

Prepare multiple years and types of tax returns, all from a single program. Share data between tax modules, with features like SlipSync for importing slips into T1 returns, and Smart Copy/Paste of business statements or details of associated corporations (coming soon). Import data from GIFI files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, DoxCycle and CRA Auto-fill my return (AFR). Use the data in tax returns to better communicate with clients using our detailed built-in template library (like pre-season letters to help with information gathering), one-click email templates and unlimited custom templates in all tax modules using our Template Editor.

3. Optimizations and Quick Fix suggestions

Tax optimizations calculations are no-click—they run automatically in the background while you work to get you the best result for your clients. With the Optimizations worksheet, you can choose how TaxCycle applies optimizations to coupled, dependant and family returns. Bulletins alert you when there is data available for import or when you need to prepare T1 or T2 adjustments (T1-ADJ). Quick Fix suggestions help you quickly address issues in the return.

4. Paperless workflow

With TaxCycle, we focus on workflow automation to reduce the amount of time spent organizing slips, improving your communication with clients and government agencies. This helps you handle heavy workloads in the heat of the season, and gives you tools to easily respond to post-tax season requests. Adding DoxCycle document management software creates your "dream" modern tax office.

5. Client Manager database

Keep all of your client returns in one place, even those prepared in your old tax software. Search, organize, manage, export, mine and report using a modern, fast database. Type to search by name, year, form. Filter by year, file type, workflow status or transmission status. Batch carry forward, print, EFILE, and more. Export results to Excel for further analysis. 

6. Support and client feedback

Open six days a week during tax season, our philosophy is "when you call, a person answers". Resolving your problems is our top priority. Our support team and software development team work side-by-side in Canada, so we hear your feedback and can address it promptly.

7. Extensive learning resources

With 100+ videos on our YouTube channel, more than 500 discussions on our tax professional community, hundreds of blog posts, and  PDF resources like our User Guide and keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet, you'll find a wealth of resources at your finger tips. Our fall seminar tour sets you up for the coming tax season. Free weekly webinars during tax season address timely topics like EFILE or preparing business statements.

8. Fair pricing

The TaxCycle Suite saves you up to 50% compared with your old tax software. And, we've redefined what it means to do business with your tax software vendor. Easily manage your purchases with your online account. Take advantage of our monthly pricing plans, yearly automatic renewal and per-person licensing

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Competitor Conversions


TaxCycle includes the ability to carry forward from other software vendor files, one file at a time, or as a batch of files.

Seamlessly carry forward returns from ProFile®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, VisualTax™, DT Max® and, of course TaxCycle. Now carry on and make the switch.

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Software You Can Trust


Our 1000% guarantee comes with this simple pledge: If you are unhappy with any of our products, for any reason, get in touch.

We’ll do our utmost to resolve your concerns, or promptly refund your money. Please review our refund policy for complete details.

TaxCycle Refund Policy

T1 Accuracy Guarantee


Trilogy guarantees the accuracy of all T1 personal tax calculations made through our software.

If your client is charged interest on tax due to an inaccurate calculation made using the software, Trilogy Software will pay that interest, up to the cost of the software purchased. 

T1 Accuracy Guarantee