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Thien Nguyen | CPA, CA, CFP
Cook & Company

Comprehensive Tax Preparation

Comprehensive Canadian tax preparation

We provide personal, corporate, trust, partnership, charity and slips returns for clients across Canada, including Québec. 

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Carry forward conversions

Carry forward conversions

Carry forward files from other software brands, flawlessly. Switch from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, or ProFile® software.  

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TaxCycle support

Unparalleled support and service

We're real people, with real tax expertise, answering real phones right here in Canada. Support is always free.

Call 1-888-841-3040 

TaxCycle Innovation


We have unprecedented response times to changes from the CRA and Revenu Québec.

We focus solely on professional tax software, and we do it in close collaboration with real-world accountants

TaxCycle, Software you can trust

Tax software you can trust

Our satisfaction guarantee means if you're unhappy—for any reason—we'll fix it or refund your money in full. 

Our T1 accuracy guarantee covers all personal tax calculations made through our software.

great value and payment plans

Great value pricing and payment plans

We define what it means to do business with your professional tax software vendor. We were the first to offer monthly payment plans and flexible licensing.

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Our fully-functional trial gives you access to every module:

T1, TP1, T2, CO-17, T3, TP-646, RL-16, T4, T4A, RL-1, RL-2, T5, RL-3, T5013, TP-600, RL-15, T3010, TP-985.22, T5018, NR4, RL-31, Forms, Client Manager, Template Editor and DoxCycle.

Carry forward files from other software brands, flawlessly. Switch from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, or Intuit ProFile® software.

Support is free during your trial period.

Call 1-888-841-3040.
Email us at support@taxcycle.com.

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