Why go back to business as usual?
Switch to business as better.

Now’s the perfect time to switch from Intuit ProFile®, DT Max®, Taxprep® or Cantax® to the tax software that lets you do more, faster.

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Why go back to business as usual? Switch to business as better.

Now’s the perfect time to switch from Intuit ProFile®, DT Max®, or Taxprep® to the tax software that lets you do more, faster.

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Pre-Season Sale

Save up to $100 off when you renew or buy a TaxCycle Suite now. Plus this year we’re offering no-fee payment plans on any purchase above $400—not just our suites.


Switch Guarantee

Our exclusive switch guarantee means if you don’t believe your business is way better than usual with TaxCycle, you’ll get a full refund—PLUS $500!


Seven Years In One Install

A single install gives you access to returns for all Canadian jurisdictions, including T1 returns going back seven years. And, we make it easy to move your licence when you need to.

Why Switch to TaxCycle?

Find out for yourself why thousands of Canadian tax preparers have already switched.

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Customer Review 1

"Our staff learned the software very quickly."Gordon D. Hathorn | CPA, CA | Partner | Mowbrey Gil LLP

We switched to TaxCycle because we were not happy with our old software. Our team picked up on the software with very little training and used it with ease from the start. It was very intuitive and easy to navigate. We saw productivity gains during our first personal tax season. We highly recommend making the switch.

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Suites and CombosPre-Season Sale

Exclusive FeaturesTax software that does everything better.

Professional audit and review tools

Messages immediately alert you about potential issues. Quick Fix solutions help you resolve them in one click. Disable review messages you don’t need. Manage multiple reviewers with review marks and memos.

Intuitive form and field search

Form search that works like your favourite search engine. Search by keyword, line number, amount, account number, name, business, and more. On a form, search the words on the page to jump quickly to the field you need.

Reduced Data Entry

Smart Auto-fill my return (AFR) data download. Scan and import. Carry back to prior years. Refresh carryforwardsSmart copy/paste. Corporate linking. Excel® import. SlipSync from slips to T1 returns.

Tools you can't live without

Electronic signatures, DoxCycle, Client Manager and Template Editor help you serve clients better and faster. Customizable workflow. Review messages with quick fix solutions. Family Transmit of all returns in a file at once.

Familiar forms and shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts and forms you've seen before. Forms-based screens for data entry. F4 Fast Find for natural-language search. Ctrl+F to find on a form. Get the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Options for everyone

TaxCycle fits your office, whether large or small. Share only the options you want. Hide review messages you don't need. Configure status items, workflow tools and custom reports.

"We never work Sundays anymore."Jeanette Glass | CPA, CA | Owner | Jeanette Glass Professional Corp.

Switching from our old software was like night and day. All the things that were previously so cumbersome to do were so easy to do in TaxCycle. You can do so much sexy stuff within this program. Our entire T1 season starts and ends inside TaxCycle. We never work Sundays anymore, and rarely a Saturday.

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Customer Review 2

Tax Software You Can Trust

Competitor Conversions

Carry forward files from other software brands, flawlessly. Switch from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, or ProFile® software.

Unparalleled Support and Service

We're real people, with real tax expertise, answering real phones right here in Canada. Open six days a week during tax season. Support is free! Call 1-888-841-3040.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're unhappy, we'll fix it, or promptly refund your money in full. All federal personal tax calculations made through our software are covered by our T1/TP1 accuracy guarantee.

The tax season you dreamed of starts right here