The TaxCycle Suite has the tax modules you need, speed and accuracy tools to make your practice work efficiently, and paperless source document management you can't find anywhere else. 

All at fabulous prices with flexible licensing, great service/support, and an amazing satisfaction guarantee. Canadian accountants and tax preparers agree, it's time to switch to TaxCycle professional tax preparation software.





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"Our first-time users take to it so quickly!"

This was my first year using TaxCycle. I LOVE the software. It saves me so many steps in comparison to other software I’ve used. I’ve been following Cameron’s career with ProFile® and Cantax®. I decided to switch because of his programming pedigree, and the issues we were having with our old software. And I wasn’t disappointed! It’s so much more intuitive with things like Auto-fill my return. We use all the modules, and this new, paperless environment makes everything so much easier.

It has so many awesome features. My favourites have to be the Review Sidebar, the Tape Summary, and the automatic T1-ADJs. Actually everything that’s typically on a tax preparers’ wish-list is there, plus, time-saving enhancements that seem obvious now, but no one else is offering. I had no hesitation in recommending it to our whole network.  

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Claudette edie, Porter Hétu

Claudette M. Edie, CGA PC
Independent Member Firm of
Porter Hétu International

TaxCycle goes above and beyond for Canadian preparers, offering a truly modern and professional tax preparation experience.

#1 Reduce data entry and save time

TaxCycle defines the next generation of tax preparation

As a complete, integrated suite, TaxCycle allows you to prepare multiple types of returns and multiple years of returns from a single software program. TaxCycle goes even further to help you quickly manage all your clients' data.

start-screen, multiple types of returns, multiple years of returns, one single tax suite



Download Auto-fill my return (AFR) data from CRA Represent a Client

Download tax information for individuals from the CRA using Auto-fill my return (AFR). TaxCycle’s user-friendly AFR process helps you choose which slips to import and relate the data with carry forward information. Download tax information for a single client or a whole family at the same time. The TaxCycle Suite's "EFILE-first" design means electronic communication is part of the preparation process, not an afterthought. Unlimited EFILE, unlimited Corporation Internet Filing (CIF), and unlimited Internet File Transfer (XML) come at no extra cost.


SlipSync, Smart Copy/Paste & Corporate linking

Share data between tax modules, with features like SlipSync for importing slips into T1 returns, Corporate linking of T2 returns from associated corporations, and Smart Copy/Paste of business and income statements. SlipSync saves you time and reduces mistakes by connecting TaxCycle T1 with T3, T4, T4A, T5 and T5013 files. And, TaxCycle alerts you when slips are available to import into a taxpayer's return.


Save time with GIFI, slip and  & Excel® Import/Export

If you’re preparing T2 corporate tax returns (or T5013 partnership returns), you can drag and drop GIFI files from Accounting for Practitioners (AFP), CaseWare®, QuickBooks®, CCH® Engagement, Sage® and Comma Separate Values (CSV) files. Re-import GIFI data at any time. Save time in slips preparation by importing T4, T4A, T5 or T5018 from an Excel® spreadsheet. Mine the Client Manager database to export to Excel® for further analysis and reporting, or mail merge client contact information.


#2 Client Manager—Powerful, easy data mining

TaxCycle’s Client Manager is the central nervous system for all client data. Sophisticated architecture makes for very fast searching. And, the data is always up-to-date—no "syncing" or "exporting" required. 

client manager window, taxcycle

All your client data is in one place: all family members, types and years of returns, status information, and much more. Fine tune with custom filters and save frequently-used Quick Searches to easily find and manage your clients.  Filter by year, file type, workflow, or transmission status. Batch carry forward, print, EFILE, and more. Save your export results to Excel for further analysis.

#3 Familiar professional tax software

Keyboard shortcuts and forms you've seen before

fast find, taxcycle, efile cra, f4, efile canada, cra tax return, tax preparation efile, tax preparation software for accountants, tax preparation software for professionals

Is TaxCycle easy? Just F4 and go!

Press F4 to open the Fast Find box and start typing to search for anything.


Fast Find uses “natural language search” technology. No more having to remember complicated jump codes!

Fast Find anything—a box number on a slip, line numbers on a jacket, description fields, issuers, keywords on a schedule or supporting worksheet. You name it—TaxCycle finds it.

Find in Form (Ctrl+F)

Press Ctrl+F to open a search box and type text you want to find on the current form. TaxCycle highlights all the matches. Use the arrows to skip through each one.

TaxCycle Find in form


#4 Tax Optimizations—Flexible, complete, automatic


TaxCycle optimizations run automatically without pressing any buttons or clicking any menus. This means you always see the optimized result for your client.

The T1 and T2 Optimizations worksheet gives you unprecedented flexibility: choose to maximize the refund, maximize credits to carry forward or reduce tax payable. 





TaxCycle calculations take into account the family situation of the taxpayers' and the available tax credits to achieve the best result for your clients.

You can also selectively choose which credits you would like to optimize—turn off individual credits while still running optimization calculations on remaining amounts. 

Find out more about TaxCycle Optimizations

#5 Paperless tax preparation with DoxCycle and TaxCycle

The TaxCycle Suite focuses on workflow automation to reduce the amount of time spent organizing slips, and improve your communication with clients and government agencies. This helps you handle heavy workloads in the heat of the season, and gives you an organized, paperless archive of the tax return and related documents for each taxpayer, family, or corporation. 

paperless tax office, doxcycle

A paperless tax workflow involves four easy, logical steps:

Paperless Tax Office, organizing slips, tax season, cra represent a client, tax software canada, CRA rep a client, efile cra, TaxCycle's logical steps, gather, organize, prepare, archive

Step 1: Gather

Getting ready to prepare a tax return in 2016 is really about juggling different pieces of data that arrive from different sources, at different times. The best paperless office helps you quickly pull them all together, sorting the relevant parts for return preparation. Assembling source documents is the first task of preparing any tax return. TaxCycle makes this easy with DoxCycle, Auto-fill my return, Corporate linking and SlipSync.

Step 2: Organize

There are really two levels to organizing your tax practice: managing the workload for all your clients, and organizing the little details for each one. Let the Client Manager do the heavy lifting for you by keeping track of your clients and their returns in one place. Organizing with DoxCycle includes automatic document recognition and categorization by type and person, great data extraction and posting to TaxCycle

Step 3: Prepare

The key to a thriving tax practice is to prepare more returns faster, while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy. With TaxCycle, you'll be processing tax returns faster than ever before. Detailed, pro-active review messagesworkflow tools, robust optimizations for family returnsautomatic T1-ADJ, secure, integrated EFILE transmissions, client correspondence, and—if you still need it—printing.

Step 4: Respond

Your relationship with your clients doesn’t end with filing their returns. It continues year round when you provide them with advice, answer government requests on their behalf, and help them plan for the next year. Create a complete archive for the tax return and source documents with DoxCycle. Print, PDF or email your clients quickly straight from TaxCycle. Create detailed, customizable client letters and invoices. Plan ahead for next year with full TaxCycle calculations.

#6 Next generation tools

Discover hundreds of innovations and "why-haven't-they-thought-about-this-before" gems that will delight even the most experienced tax professional.

Auto-save and recovery

TaxCycle automatically saves a backup file every 60 seconds. If TaxCycle closes suddenly without saving the open files, the next time you open TaxCycle, recovered files show at the top of the Recent sidebar. Click on the file to open it. The next time you save the file, it will overwrite the old file unless you Save As to give it a new name. 

Find out more about Auto-save and recovery.

Unlimited undo

Undo almost anything in TaxCycle by pressing Ctrl+Z, including deleting forms. Multiple undos let you step back through your last actions. Press Ctrl+Y to redo an action.


Multiple windows

If you have several screens, you can create as many windows as you need. Drag a form tab off the main window and let go to open it in a new window.

Data entered in one window is simultaneously synced with shared fields in other windows.

Find out more about working with multiple windows and monitors.

multiple windows, taxcycle, professional tax software

TaxCycle shines either as a solo-preparer solution or in a busy multi-user office. For example, TaxCycle's Client Manager allows you to easily find and manage client files as they move through the tax preparation steps.

Options profiles help you share TaxCycle and DoxCycle settings across an entire office or with selected colleagues. You can choose which options to include in a profile, locking down specific features to prevent accidental changes. Easily share profiles on your network, quickly copy to a different computer. Email the options to your team and they just drag and drop your email attachment onto their Options dialog box to load it. Find out more about options profiles.


Options profile email, taxcycle, professional tax software, options profile

#8 Quick Fix reviews messages offer accuracy and speed

TaxCycle makes your tax preparation accurate with over 3,500 review messages


TaxCycle's review system is refreshingly efficient, with a number of time-saving features like Quick Fix messages.

When you hover over a review message in the sidebar, click the light bulb to see the possible Quick Fix solutions. Choose one to update the field and resolve the error in one step.

Canadian professional tax software, taxcycle, quick fix, review messages
professional tax software, taxcycle, quick fix, review messages

Quick Fix messages also work when you hover over a field. Click a link to choose a solution.

Find out more about TaxCycle review messages.

#9 Unparalleled support and service 

Open six days a week during tax season, our philosophy is "when you call, we answer." Call 1-888-841-3040 to talk to us.  

Resolving your problems is our top priority. Our support team and software development team work side-by-side in Canada, so we hear your feedback and address it promptly.

Whether you're switching for your first season, or you've been with us for a while, our online resources help you along.With 100+ videos on our YouTube channel, more than 500 discussions on our tax professional community, hundreds of blog posts, and PDF resources like our User Guide and keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet, you'll find a wealth of information at your finger tips. Our cross-Canada seminar tour sets you up for the coming tax season. Then, free weekly webinars during tax season address timely topics like EFILE or preparing business statements.

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Competitor Conversions


TaxCycle includes the ability to carry forward from other software vendor files, one file at a time, or as a batch of files.

Seamlessly carry forward returns from ProFile®, Cantax®, Taxprep®, VisualTax™, DT Max® and, of course TaxCycle. Now carry on and make the switch.

 Switch to TaxCycle

t1 tax software, pro tax software, t2 software, 1000% satisfaction guarantee, 100% guarantee, t1 personal tax calculations, corporate tax software, accurate tax, canada tax software canadian tax software, tax preparation software for accountants tax preparation software for professionals

Software You Can Trust


Our 1000% guarantee comes with this simple pledge: If you are unhappy with any of our products, for any reason, get in touch.

We’ll do our utmost to resolve your concerns, or promptly refund your money. Please review our refund policy for complete details.

TaxCycle Refund Policy

T1 Accuracy Guarantee


Trilogy guarantees the accuracy of all T1 personal tax calculations made through our software.

If your client is charged interest on tax due to an inaccurate calculation made using the software, Trilogy Software will pay that interest, up to the cost of the software purchased. 

T1 Accuracy Guarantee

#10 Fair pricing and flexible licensing

Over the past five years, we've redefined what it means to do business with your tax software vendor. We were the first to offer monthly payment plans and summer, post-tax season renewal, so you can manage your practice cash flow as you wish. Opt for yearly automatic renewal and skip the bother of remembering to repurchase each year. 

Our prices are straightforward. What you see is what you get, no hidden deals. The earlier you commit, the better the price, but even our regular prices are value-packed so you get more for your money.

Finally, we've always offered flexible per-person licensing, so you work where, when and how you want. Easily manage licenses in your online account. As you grow your practice, TaxCycle grows with you.

"We’ve dramatically increased productivity and efficiency"

We switched to TaxCycle in the spring of 2015 due to support problems with the competitor we were using. While my staff was somewhat reluctant to change software, especially part-way through the busy tax season, they unanimously agreed to the change once they experienced TaxCycle. Now, after two T1 seasons and one T2 season, it’s so evident that our decision to change was the correct one.

The ease of training, general usability, and the staff’s new level of confidence has significantly lowered the stress level in our busy time. Something a partner seeks in so many ways. We appreciate the software’s intuitive operation, amazing support, and ease of use. It’s head and shoulders above anything else we’ve used—which includes almost all the other industry options. We highly recommend its use to all firms, big or small.

Hear what preparers love about TaxCycle

Greg Buck, KEY Financial Group LLP

Greg Buck
KEY Financial Group LLP

Nick Hamilton, Journals Accounting Services

Nick Hamilton
Journals Accounting Services

"We turn around more T1s and T2s faster and more accurately with TaxCycle"

TaxCycle is a great choice for us. Aside from all the new streamlined features, the software has a much more contemporary look and feel to it—and, of course, the support has been excellent. We’ve been very impressed with the company’s response to suggestions for improvement. It really comes down to a lot of little things that it does. We love the Refresh Carry Forward, and how assets are handled on the S8 asset is so much better. But honestly, after using it for a couple of years and becoming familiar with it, we’ve forgotten all the features that drew us to the software in the first place. They’re just so obvious and intuitive, now, that we take them for granted—the day-to-day benefits are what really count. And the bottom line is that we can turn around more T1s and T2s faster and more accurately with TaxCycle.

Read what preparers say about switching to TaxCycle

A message from Cameron Peters, CEO

With today’s technology, using software that wastes your time and is vulnerable to inaccuracy is the definition of insanity.

If it still makes you manage a sea of paper, and has poor support that isn’t open to comments and suggestions, it’ll drive you nuts. If it’s unnecessarily complex, and doesn’t keep pace with CRA’s technology, let alone properly integrate data throughout its own suite, well, sorry, but that’s crazy.

So, why put up with it? Especially when something demonstrably better—and so much saner in every respect—is readily available: the TaxCycle Suite. Our software kills monotonous repetition, pointless printing, and costly mistakes, while saving time, sanity and trees. DoxCycle and TaxCycle streamline the entire tax preparation process, so professionals can be more professional—getting much more done, in much less time.

Forget about the insanities of the past. Welcome to the future of professional tax preparation.

Our TaxCycle Suite stops the insanity.

Cameron Peters, Founder and CEO of Trilogy Software, taxcycle, doxcycle, pro tax software, pro tax software canada, intuit profile tax software, cantax

It’s more intuitive, offering features like workflow automation and suggestions with one-click fixes. It’s more integrated, with sharing of information between tax modules—all tied together by the powerful Client Manager database, so you have a holistic view of your clients’ tax situation.

It’s more reliable, because its automatic tax optimizations cut down on the potential for human error. And it’s more comfortable to use. Whether they’re new or long-time team members, your staff will find its carry forward abilities smooth and shortcuts familiar. The flexible support options and rock-solid guarantees are great stress relievers when switching software.

As always, we’re working hard to earn your business this year. And, a big part of that involves listening very carefully to—and acting on—customer comments, insights, and requests. So please, don’t be shy. Let us know what you think!

Email or call 1-888-841-3040.


Cameron Peters CEO and Founder, Trilogy Software Inc.