Competitor Tax Return File Conversion

Carryforward takes data from a prior-year and inserts it into the new tax return. This includes identifying information, slip and form usage information, amounts and limits to be used in the following year. More  
Seamlessly carry forward old files from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep® and ProFile® software. More  
Use the Client Manager to bring forward groups of prior-year tax returns at once. More  
Carry back to easily create a prior-year return for a client. More  
Refresh a carryforward or prior year to prepare multiple years at once. More  
Bring forward additional data and mark the return as a planning return, so you can try out next year’s scenarios. More  

Supported Software

Intuit ProFile® Taxprep® Cantax® DT Max®
ProFile T1/TP1
ProFile T2/CO-17
ProFile T3/TP-646
ProFile FX/Q
Personal Taxprep
Corporate Taxprep
Taxprep for Trusts
Taxprep Forms
Cantax T1Plus
Cantax T2Plus
Cantax FormMaster
DT Max T1
DT Max T2*
DT Max T3*

*Limited by data available for export from DT Max®.

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