"I am now part of the family and would not change at any cost."

Bouchaib El Khassil
CPA, CGA | President | BK CPA

Bouchaib El Khassil

Does TaxCycle meet the requirements of Québec tax filing?

Not only does TaxCycle meet the Québec tax filing requirements, it is very user-friendly, which makes life easier for its users. The software helps us maximize the time for each return, so consequently, we are more productive!

Why did you switch to TaxCycle?

First of all, the price is very competitive! Secondly, the support team always responds quickly to my requests and when there are small corrections to be made, they are done on an ongoing basis and always within a very reasonable time frame. If I have more complex questions, the  support team takes the time to answer them promptly.

What would you tell someone considering the switch to TaxCycle?

I would encourage them to take the plunge. As a matter of fact, I have already recommended TaxCycle to a number of colleagues.

Was it worth it to make the switch?

Absolutely! I’m 100% satisfied. I am now part of the family and would not change at any cost. I’ve been approached by the representatives of the software I used before and I said no, and it is the same for my colleagues.

Location: Montreal, QC

Number of returns filed: approximately 700 T1s, T2s and T3s.

Employees: three, including two preparers

Areas of expertise: T1, T2, T3, fiscal planning 

Products: T1/TP1, T2/CO-17 and T3s

First tax season with TaxCycle: 2016