Customer Reviews

Jay Arieli

"My business revenue went up by 20%."Jay Arieli | Owner | Tax Preparer | J A Financial Services

During the first season, I saved about 10-15% of my time. That is a lot in savings when you do 1200 T1s. We saw another huge saving with TaxCycle’s Auto-fill my return (AFR) implementation. My prices didn’t increase but my business revenue went up by 20%! And I worked 10-15% less again.

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Abdelmajid Bour

"TaxCycle far exceeds the software I used. Kudos to the whole team who keeps developing and improving the software. It just keeps getting better!"Abdelmajid Bour | CPA, CGA | Accountant | ASW Services Comptables

TaxCycle has the required forms, summaries and letters from Revenu Québec, and services offered like downloading tax data, NetFile Québec, and so on.

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Marc Guillemette

"TaxCycle's technical support is really its strength."Marc Guillemette | CPA auditor, CGA, MBA | Owner | Marc Guillemette, CPA

Aside from TaxCycle's great price, its the technical support that is really its strength. When you're "spinning your wheels," you don't want to rummage through a website for a video, or to read a help topic. With TaxCycle, we can speak to someone who understands and quickly explains what to do. That saves us time. The technical support people are courteous, available, passionate and patient.

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Nick Hamilton

"The bottom line is that we can turn around more T1s and T2s."Nick Hamilton | Journals Accounting Services

TaxCycle is a great choice for us. Aside from all the new streamlined features, the software has a much more contemporary look and feel to it—and, of course, the support has been excellent. We’ve been very impressed with the company’s response to suggestions for improvement. It really comes down to a lot of little things that it does.

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Chantal Coutu

"TaxCycle makes tax preparation easier."Chantal Coutu | B Sc. Com | Owner | Centre de Comptabilité CTM INC.

TaxCycle is so user-friendly, so easy to use. Even though the government is making it more and more complicated for us, TaxCycle makes tax preparation easier!

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René Saint-Roch

“TaxCycle is much more economical, but best of all, you can count on it!”René Saint-Roch | CFA, Tax Specialist | President and Tax Specialist | Expertises Fiscales RSR Inc.

When switching tax software, I am most afraid the file conversion will lose data or cause errors. Not only does TaxCycle convert my files flawlessly with a simple, efficient and data-secure process, it also allows us to do it one file at a time or in batches, by ourselves, and at no additional cost!

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Jeanette Glass

"Tax seasons are much more manageable now."Jeanette Glass | CPA, CA | Owner | Jeanette Glass Professional Corp.

You can do so much sexy stuff within this program. Our entire T1 season starts and ends inside TaxCycle. From PreSeason planning letters to clients to invoices, emails requesting additional information from the client, every contact point with the client is inside TaxCycle. It’s fantastic.

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Bouchaib El Khassil

"I am now part of the family and would not change at any cost."Bouchaib El Khassil | CPA, CGA | President | BK CPA

The support team always responds quickly to my requests and when there are small corrections to be made, they are done on an ongoing basis and always within a very reasonable time frame.

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Greg Buck

"We’ve dramatically increased productivity. "Greg Buck | KEY Financial Group LLP

We highly recommend its use to all firms. We appreciate the software’s intuitive operation, amazing support, and ease of use. It’s head and shoulders above anything else we’ve used.

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Claudine Poitras

"The fall training session helped me learn all the features of TaxCycle."Claudine Poitras | | President | Fiscom services comptables inc.

I started using the software in January during the busy tax season, so it took a while to use TaxCycle to its full potential. The fall training session helped me learn all the features of TaxCycle and my productivity improved as I used the software to track my files. I also like being able to access the next year’s software for planning and estimation purposes.

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