“TaxCycle is much more economical, but best of all, you can count on it!”

René Saint-Roch
CFA, Tax Specialist | President and Tax Specialist | Expertises Fiscales RSR Inc.

René Saint-Roch

Tell us about you

We have two tax preparers in our office. I focus on international transactions as well as T2s and T3s. Last year, we filed 450 T1, T2 and T3 returns. This year, we doubled our T2 customer base, maintained our T3 clients and filed approximately 350 T1 returns. I’m starting my third year with TaxCycle and I have no regrets. It now takes me less time to file more returns.

Reliable File Conversion

When switching tax software, I am most afraid the file conversion will lose data or cause errors. Not only does TaxCycle convert my files flawlessly with a simple, efficient and data-secure process, it also allows us to do it one file at a time or in batches, by ourselves, and at no additional cost!

Unparalleled Customer Service

TaxCycle's customer service is extremely reassuring, secure, and—most importantly—respectful and very professional. I always get my questions answered quickly. That is very important!

Value for Money

It’s amazing to pay two to three times less for an unlimited number of returns, slips and relevés. TaxCycle is much more economical, but best of all, you can count on it!

Fast Find (F4)

The Fast Find form search is so user-friendly and intuitive. It finds what you’re looking for quickly and easily. For example, if I’m looking for the RL-24 slip, I type “RL24” and I immediately get everything related to the Relevé 24. I don’t have to remember the exact name to easily find what I’m looking for.

Customizing and Sending in PDF Format

I can customize T1/TP1 returns, encrypt the files and send them by email with the T183 and TP1000 transmission authorization forms. Then, my clients sign and return them to me. I plan to explore TaxCycle's electronic signature options later this year.

In my opinion, the three most important things in a tax software are:

  • Reliability
    TaxCycle puts information at your fingertips for sound tax and financial management of our client files.
  • Consistency
    Whether through an update, additions or improvements to features, changes must be consistent so I don't have to relearn how to use the product. When it comes to consistency, TaxCycle has it!
  • Ease of use: searching and finding answers
    As a tax professional, it’s not so much the forms and returns that interest me, but rather the information they contain, including historical data. TaxCycle gets it and is reliable!

Location: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC

Firm type: specializes in the areas of general fiscal management, corporate, trusts and estates, and international transactions.

First season with TaxCycle: 2018