Updated May 13: Bill C-19 Immediate Expensing of Depreciable Property

We have started work on adding the expensing calculations to TaxCycle T2.

T2 CO-17 CCA Immediate Expensing
Xero Talks 2022
You're Invited to Xero Talks Canada (May 17 to 26)

Join us in person from May 17 to 26 in three cities across Canada to learn how using Xero and TaxCycle can help grow your business.

Known Issue: TaxFolder Signature Status for T1032

TaxCycle marks form T1032 as signed after TaxFolder receives the electronic signature from only one taxpayer. It should only show a signed status once both taxpayers sign the form.

known issue TaxFolder
Updated April 29: EI overpayments are no longer being denied upon assessment

EI overpayments are no longer being denied upon assessment.

TaxCycle 11.1.46623.0—T3 for 2022

This TaxCycle release rolls over the T3 module to 2022. Install this version if you would like to try a new feature, or if you need a change included in this release.

release notes
UPDATE Known Issue: TaxCycle Can't Connect to the Notification Service

We have received reports that TaxCycle cannot connect to the Notification Service in some cases. Here are a few things to try if you encounter this issue.

TaxFolder known issue
Known Issue: TaxCycle Won't Run on Latest Windows 11 Insiders Preview Build 22598

We've received reports of an issue where TaxCycle will not run after installing the latest Windows 11 Insiders Preview build, released this week.

known issue Windows 11
How to Find Clients Who Haven't Returned

Our TaxCycle Client Manager makes it easy to find clients from last year who have not yet returned to file their taxes this year.

Known Issue: TaxFolder Not Completing Some Signed/Approved Documents

We have received reports that TaxFolder does not always trigger the completed signature/approval email and produce the signed/approved documents.

known issue TaxFolder
TaxCycle 11.1.46454.0—Optional Download, Updated CAIP Amounts

This TaxCycle release contains optional enhancements and fixes, including updated Climate Action Incentive Payment (CAIP) amounts.

release notes T1 CAIP batch printing
TaxFolder Update (April 8, 2022)

On April 8, 2022, we deployed an update to to resolve an intermittent outage and other issues reported since the last update.

TaxFolder release notes
TaxFolder Update (April 7, 2022)

On April 7, 2022, we deployed an update to This update includes enhancements and resolves several customer-reported issues.

release notes TaxFolder
CRA EFILE Error Code 485: Amended T1134, T1135 and T106

The CRA EFILE system is having issues with transmissions of amended T1134, T1135 and T106 returns. You may receive error code 485.

CRA EFILE T1134 T1135 T106 FRRMS foreign reporting
New Québec Special One-time Cost of Living Tax Credit

How to claim the new Québec one-time refundable tax credit for the rising cost of living.

TP1 Québec
TaxCycle 11.1.46317.0—2022 Slips Modules (Revised)

This release rolls over T4/T4A, T5, T5018, T2202 and NR4 slips to 2022. It also adds final multiple jurisdiction returns forms to TaxCycle T1 2021.

release notes T4 T5 T5018 T2202 T1 TaxFolder NR4
Educator School Supply & Return of Fuel Charge Proceeds to Farmers Tax Credits

The CRA has indicated that any return filed with these credits will not be processed until the supporting legislation has received Royal Assent.

T2043 Return of Fuel Charge Proceeds to Farmers Tax Credit Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit
Why Doesn't TaxFolder E-signature Status Show in Client Manager?

We understand why tax preparers want to see e-signature status in the list of returns in the Client Manager, but it would cause other problems.

RESOLVED: DCN Not Printed on T183TRUST

TaxCycle T3 does not populate the document control number (DCN) in Part D when printing the T183TRUST form.

known issue T3 T183
RESOLVED: T5013 T1135 EFILE Returns Error 441

EFILE transmission error 441 : "Please ensure you have the latest release of this software before you attempt to transmit your tax form again."

known issue T5013 EFILE T1135
RESOLVED: Message Shows Although RRSP Deduction Limit Matches AFR

In version 11.1.46243.0, TaxCycle displays a review message warning that the RRSP deduction limit on the RRSP worksheet does not match the value downloaded from Auto-fill my return (AFR), although the amounts are the same.

known issue T1 RRSP
Canada Training Credit Limit Not Included in AFR Data

The CRA is not including the Canada Training Credit Limit in the data downloaded from Auto-fill my return.

AFR CRA T1 Canada Training Credit
EFILE Error Y80010 for Shared T2042, T1163/4 or T1273/4 Statements

Some 2021 T1 returns trigger EFILE error Y80010 when the taxpayer has a partnership farming operation and claims the tax credit on the T2043.

EFILE error CRA T1
RESOLVED: TaxFolder Download to ZIP Unavailable

The option to download all files into a ZIP file in TaxFolder is currently not working.

TaxFolder known issue
RESOLVED: New TaxFolder User Account Not Associated With a Valid License

When signing in to for the first time with a valid license, some users see a message that their account is not associated with a valid license.

TaxFolder known issue
TaxFolder Update (March 13, 2022)

This TaxFolder update includes enhancements and several other customer-reported resolved issues.

TaxFolder update
TaxCycle Video Newsletter, March 2022

It's the busiest time of the year, and we have some important news to help make your filing season run smoothly. Watch the video newsletter to catch up.

TaxCycle 11.1.46243.0—T3 EFILE (Revised)

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has certified TaxCycle T3 for electronic filing T3RET, T3RCA returns and T1135 statements.

release notes T3 T1 templates
RESOLVED: T2043 Tax Credit Included in Income Twice

Return of fuel charge proceeds to farms tax credit (T2043) is included in income twice when a taxpayer has a farming statement for a farm they own 100%, and one for a farm that is a partnership.

known issue T2043 T1
RESOLVED: T3RET EFILE Fails for First-Time Filers

EFILE of a T3RET currently fails with errors if you indicate that itis the trust’s first year filing a return. A copy of the trust document or will, and a list of assets at death, were attached with the T3APP.

known issue T3 EFILE
DoxCycle 11.0.46228.0—T4A Boxes 201, 205, 210 and 211 (Revised)

This release adds support for importing T4A boxes 201, 205, 210 and 211 into TaxCycle.

DoxCycle release notes