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The TaxCycle summer sale is on now! This is your chance to get our lowest price of the year on your 2023 tax software.

Known Issue: Client Manager Server Unreachable or Stopped

When launching TaxCycle version 12.1.50435.0, a message that the Client Manager Server is unreachable or has stopped may appear on the Start screen.

known issue client manager
RESOLVED: T2 Auto-fill Error "INVALID SP ID (202)"

When attempting to download data from the T2 Auto-fill using TaxCycle version 12.1.50435.0, you may see the following error: INVALID SP ID (202).

known issue T2
TaxCycle 12.1.50435.0—T2 and AT1 Certification, T5013 and T3010 Update

This certified release of TaxCycle T2 and AT1 extends the supported corporate tax year ends up to October 31, 2023. It also updates the T5013 and T3010 modules for 2023.

release notes T2 AT1 T3010 T5013 UHT-2900 Underused Housing Tax
TaxFolder Update (May 24, 2023)

On May 24, 2023, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes several fixes and improvements.

release notes TaxFolder
TaxCycle 12.1.50074.0—T3 for 2023

This TaxCycle release rolls over the T3 module to the 2023 tax year.

release notes T3
Resuming regular support hours on May 2nd

We are returning to our regular hours of support on Tuesday, May 2nd. 

support hours
Update: Underused Housing Tax Return (UHT-2900)

Canadian owners may be required to file form UHT-2900, even if they are exempt from paying the Underused Housing Tax (UHT).

UHT Underused Housing Tax
Known Issue: TaxFolder Returning Invalid Date for Batch Completed Engagements

We have received reports that the operation to batch complete engagements in TaxFolder is returning an invalid completed date.

known issue TaxFolder
Known Issue: Ontario S500 Small Business Phase Out Period (Bill-85)

We will add the revised Ontario Schedule 500 in an upcoming TaxCycle release. Meanwhile, follow this workaround.

Download the Full Setup for Important T1 Immediate Expensing Changes

The latest TaxCycle release contains important changes to T1 immediate expensing calculations. We will not distribute this release by automatic update.

Immediate Expensing
TaxFolder Update (April 12, 2023)

On April 12, 2023, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes several fixes and improvements.

TaxFolder release notes
New Video: Underused Housing Tax

This video provides an overview of the Underused Housing Tax, including filing requirements and any tax exemptions that are available.

cpd UHT UHT-2900 Underused Housing Tax
TaxCycle 12.1.49851.0—Download Only

This version of TaxCycle addresses recently reported customer concerns and updates several forms to the latest version available from the CRA.

release notes
RESOLVED: Alberta AT1 Transmission Failures

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Do Not Mask SIN or BN When Paper Filing

Make sure to include the full social insurance number (SIN) or business number (BN) when mailing documents to the CRA or Revenu Québec for processing.

CRA Revenu Québec

We have received reports that TaxCycle is returning error code 2226 when attempting to EFILE a T1 return for taxpayers who are not entitled to the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB). 

known issue CRA
TaxFolder Update (March 29, 2023)

On March 29, 2023, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that fixes the download to ZIP file feature and improves the reliability of signature request document processing. 

release notes TaxFolder
RESOLVED: TaxFolder Download to ZIP Unavailable

We have received reports that the option to download client files into ZIP folders in TaxFolder is currently not working.

known issue TaxFolder
TaxFolder Update (March 28, 2023)

On March 28, 2023, we deployed a TaxFolder update to mitigate the impact of the recent outages affecting both tax preparers and end users.

release notes TaxFolder
TaxCycle 12.1.49577.0—T1 Immediate Expensing (Revised)

This version of TaxCycle adds immediate expensing calculations to T1 returns.

release notes T1 Immediate Expensing
UHT-2900: Transitional Relief Measures

The Minister of National Revenue is providing transitional relief to affected owners.

RESOLVED: TaxFolder Not Completing Signed Documents

We have received reports that TaxFolder does not always trigger the completed signature/approval email and produce the signed/approved documents.

known issue TaxFolder
TaxCycle 12.1.49476.0—2023 Slips Modules

This release rolls over T4/T4A, T5, T5018, T2202 and NR4 slips to 2023. It also adds final multiple jurisdiction returns to TaxCycle T1 2022.

release notes T4 T5 T5018 T2202 NR4 templates T1
Explaining the CRA "Authorized Representative Changed" Email to Taxpayers

If your clients are registered for online mail from the CRA, they may receive an automated notice that their representative has changed when you file their tax return.

CRA Pre-assessment Post-assessment Representative
TaxFolder Update (March 11, 2023)

On March 11, 2023, we deployed an update to mitigate the impact of the recent outages affecting both tax preparers and end users.

release notes TaxFolder
RESOLVED: TaxFolder Intermittent Outages

Due to unprecedented demand, TaxFolder is experiencing intermittent outages affecting both tax preparers and end users.

TaxFolder known issue
TaxCycle 12.1.49356.0—Minor Updates (Revised)

This version of TaxCycle adds a few small updates and resolves issues discovered since the last release.

release notes T1 UHT-2900
UPDATE: TaxFolder “Services not available” Issue

You may need to close your browser and sign in again in a new browser window to issue the session tokens with TaxFolder.

Is Your Client Having Trouble Connecting to TaxFolder?

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