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TaxCycle 10.2.44806.0—Xero Integration

This release includes a preview of the integration with Xero® accounting software, new T2 AgriStability codes and new T3 worksheets.

release notes T2 T3 Client Manager xero
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Update: Immediate Expensing of Depreciable Property for Corporations (T2 Schedule 8)

The 2021 federal budget proposes to provide temporary immediate expensing to CCPCs. We will update TaxCycle T2 as soon as draft legislation becomes available.

T2 CO-17 CCA
TaxCycle 10.2.44507.0—Client Manager Indexing Enhancements

This release includes a new field required by the CRA for the repayment of federal COVID-19 benefits, Client Manager indexing enhancements, the implementation of customers requests and resolved issues.

release notes T2 Client Manager COVID-19
Known Issue: Revenu Québec Rejects MR-69 With TaxFolder E-Signature Certificate Page

The additional TaxFolder electronic signature certificate page causes the validation to fail, preventing transmission of the form.

known issue TaxFolder
TaxCycle 10.2.43964.0—Optional Download Release (revised)

Optional, download-only release includes technology changes to TaxCycle and other recent customer requests.

release notes
DoxCycle 10.0.43912.0—Importing Zip Files and 2021 Folder Options

This DoxCycle release adds the import of zip files into DoxCycle and the year 2021 to Folder options.

release notes DoxCycle
Your Ideas Make TaxCycle Better

We love talking to the tax preparers because it inspires the evolution of TaxCycle and our business. These ideas, big and small, make all the difference to the day-to-day task of tax preparation.

Year in Review
TaxCycle 10.2.43886.0—2021 T1 and T5013 Modules (revised)

This release includes the preview versions of the 2021 T1/TP1 module and rollover of the T5013/TP-600 module 2021.

release notes T1 T5013 CO-17 TP1 COVID-19 T5018
You Made TaxFolder's First Season Even Better

An over the course of this busy T1 season, your ongoing feedback helped evolve and improve TaxFolder.

TaxFolder Year in Review
How to Show the Filing Module Instead of the Preview Module

Not everyone likes having those preview modules front and centre in TaxCycle when they don’t use them most of the time.

RESOLVED: 2021 T3 Schedule 11 Miscalculates Tax Owing

In version 10.2.43808.0, T3 Schedule 11 may miscalculate the tax owing. This issue only affects 2021 T3 returns.

known issue T3
COVID-19 Government Assistance on T2 Schedule 1

The CRA recently updated the T2 guide with a new position on how to report COVID-19 assistance for a corporation on Schedule 125 and Schedule 1. Here's how to make these entries in TaxCycle T2.

RESOLVED: Electronic Filing Disabled for 2020 and Earlier T1/TP1 Returns

In version 10.2.43796.0 only, electronic filing is disabled in TaxCycle T1 for years 2020 and earlier.

known issue T1 TP1 EFILE
RESOLVED: Transmission problems affecting CO-17 returns

RESOLVED: Revenu Québec is currently experiencing an issue with electronic filing Québec CO-17 corporate income tax returns.

known issue CO-17 Revenu Québec
RESOLVED: T2 S31 Amount Calculating as Zero

Issue on Schedule 31 in TaxCycle T2 where the amount in the field next to line 240 in Part 5 is calculating as zero.

known issue T2
TaxFolder Update (June 16, 2021)

On June 16, 2021, we updated TaxFolder with the following enhancements and fixes.

release notes TaxFolder
TaxCycle 10.2.43570.0—Major T2 Update (Revised)

Supports filing T2 and AT1 returns for tax year ends up to October 31, 2021.

release notes T2
RESOLVED: Line 513 of T661 Not Calculating For AT1 AS29

Provincial government assistance on line 513 of the T661 is not calculating for AT1 AS29 (Alberta Innovation Employment Grant)

known issue
RESOLVED: Corporate Linking Removes Association and Relationship Codes for Farming/Fishing

For farming and fishing corporations, corporate linking inadvertently removes association and relationship codes on the CGI (Corporate Group Information) worksheet. 

known issue
RESOLVED: Create T4, T5 and T5018 Slips Buttons Missing From TaxCycle T2

In version 10.2.43455.0 (released May 31, 2021), the buttons are missing from the Data menu in the latest module of TaxCycle T2. 

known issue T2
TaxCycle Video Newsletter, June 2021

Summer is here and so is our summer sale! Watch our video news to find out how to order now and save up to $200 on next season's tax software.

DoxCycle 10.0.43507.0—Licensing Update

This version adds support for the latest software licensing changes recently released to

DoxCycle release notes
Job Opening: Business/Tax Analyst

Join our team! Help create quality tax software products by researching and implementing tax legislation and government form changes.

careers job postings
RESOLVED: CO-771 Line 104, in Section 10 May Not Calculate

Version 10.1.42835.0 introduced an issue where line 104 in section 10 of CO-771 may not calculate correctly.

known issue T2
Job Opening: Bilingual Tax/Business Analyst (En/Fr)

Join our team! We're looking for an experienced accounting professional to help us create quality tax software by researching tax legislation and implementing government changes.

job postings career
TaxCycle Video Newsletter, May 2021

We made it, the April 30th filing deadline is behind us. You may still have a bit of work to do for your small business clients, but the big rush is over. Our focus at TaxCycle is now on corporate tax.

TaxCycle 10.1.43219.0—2021 T3/TP-646

This release rolls over TaxCycle T3/TP-646 to 2021 and allows the automatic creation of T3-ADJ adjustments.

release notes T3 AFR
TaxFolder Update (May 7, 2021)

Improved user experience when requesting a verification code. Resizing the firm logo. Customer requests and fixes.

TaxFolder release notes