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DoxCycle 13.0.51755.0—TaxLink Update

This release updates DoxCycle's technology to allow you to continue sharing data between DoxCycle and the latest version of TaxCycle using TaxLink. 

DoxCycle release notes
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webinar cpd
TaxCycle 13.0.51670.0—Resolved T2 Corporate Linking Issue (Revised)

This version of TaxCycle resolves issues discovered since the last release.

release notes t2
RESOLVED: T2 T661 Part 5 Section B

All fields in Part 5, Section B of form T661, except the field above line 820, no longer calculate or update amounts if the values change.

known issue t2
TaxFolder Update (November 17, 2023)

On November 17, 2023, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes several improvements and fixes.

release notes TaxFolder
RESOLVED (Nov 16): Unplanned CRA EFILE System Outage

Canada Revenue Agency's EFILE systems are experiencing an unplanned outage.

TaxCycle 13.0.51398.0—Major T2/AT1 Update and 2023 Forms Module (Revised)

This release extends the supported corporate tax year ends for T2 and AT1 returns up to May 31, 2024 and rolls over the Forms module to 2023.

release notes Forms module T2
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CRA EFILE closes on January 26, 2024 for annual maintenance. The service will reopen at the end of February 2024 (date to be confirmed by the CRA).

RESOLVED: Error When Importing Corporate Linking File

An error occurs when you attempt to import a corporate linking CGI file that does not contain the details of the associated/related corporations. 

known issue t2
RESOLVED: TaxLink from TaxCycle to DoxCycle

In TaxCycle version 13.0.51383.0, all functions that interact with DoxCycle do not work.

known issue DoxCycle
UHT Return Filing Deadline Extended Until April 30, 2024

Owners affected by the Underused Housing Tax (UHT) will have until April 30, 2024, to file their returns for the 2022 calendar year without being charged penalties or interest.

RESOLVED: T2 Automatic File Locking

TaxCycle T2 does not automatically lock the file after transmitting all required forms or returns, even when it is set to do so in module options.

known issue
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TaxCycle 12.2.51222.0—Resolved T2 Issues and Data Consent Message Fix

This version of TaxCycle resolves issues discovered since the last release.

release notes
RESOLVED: Clearing the Usage Data Consent Message

A problem occurs if you click Dismiss to temporarily ignore this message. The message goes away at the top of the form but remains in the Review sidebar.

known issue
TaxCycle 12.2.51186.0—T3 Schedule 15, Beneficial Ownership Information of a Trust

This release adds Schedule 15, Beneficial Ownership Information of a Trust to TaxCycle T3. It also includes changes to templates and Client Manager indexing.

release notes T3 client manager
RESOLVED: Paper-Filed T2054 in TaxCycle T2 Rejected by CRA

We are aware of an issue where the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is rejecting the T2054 due to a missing or outdated form version number in TaxCycle T2.

known issue T2 T2054
RESOLVED: T2 File Conversion Error

We have received reports that TaxCycle is returning an exception error when attempting to convert a T2 return to the latest module. 

known issue T2
Indexing Competitor Returns in the Client Manager

The latest TaxCycle release updates the Client Manager to only index competitor tax returns going back 3 years. Learn how to index older competitor tax returns.

Client Manager
TaxFolder Update (September 19, 2023)

On September 19, 2023, we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes several improvements and fixes to customer reported issues.

release notes TaxFolder
TaxCycle 12.2.51036.0—CO-771 and TP1 NetFile Fixes

This version of TaxCycle resolves issues discovered since the last release.

release notes TP1 CO-17
RESOLVED: TP1 Transmission Error

TaxCycle cannot transmit TP1 returns to Revenu Québec NetFile systems.

known issue
RESOLVED: Incorrect SBD rate on CO-771, line 98e, Section 9.2

TaxCycle is incorrectly calculating the SBD rate on line 98e in Section 9.2 of the CO-771 for CCPCs with tax years starting in 2022 and ending in 2023.

known issue
RESOLVED: T1135 EFILE Error in TaxCycle T5013

Attempting to transmit a T1135 from the latest version of TaxCycle T5013 generates a transmission error.

known issue T5013 T1135 EFILE
TaxFolder’s Third Year: Technology Upgrades and French Language Support

TaxFolder’s third year was a big one! Armed with your feedback, we built even more value into TaxFolder.

Year in Review TaxFolder
A Year in Review: TaxCycle Highlights for 2022-23

In case you didn’t read each set of release notes in detail, here’s a comprehensive list of what you helped us create and improve in TaxCycle this year. (Can you spot your idea?)

Year in Review
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TaxCycle 12.2.50769.0—T2 Special Elections and Returns (SERs)

TaxCycle T2 is certified by the CRA for the Special Elections and Returns (SERs) transmission service.

release notes SERs xero
TaxFolder Update (July 11, 2023)

On July 11, 2023 we deployed an update to TaxFolder that includes several fixes and improvements.

release notes TaxFolder