About Us

TaxCycle is a suite of tax preparation software for Canadian accountants, bookkeepers and tax professionals.

In December 2021, Xero announced its acquisition of Trilogy Software Inc., the makers of TaxCycle. TaxCycle continues to operate as a standalone brand under CEO Cameron Peters’ leadership.


2010 Trilogy Software Inc. founded by Cameron Peters.
2011 DoxCycle source document management software launched.
2012 TaxCycle T1 software for professional tax preparation of personal tax returns launched. 
2013 T2 corporate tax, as well as T4/T4A, T5, and T5018 slips preparation added.
2014 T3010 charity returns and T5013 partnership returns added.
2015 NR4 slips for non-resident slip recipients. T1/TP1 for Québec personal tax return preparation added.
2016 CO-17 for Québec corporate tax return preparation. RL-1, RL-2 and RL-3 for Québec slips added.
2017 TP-646 for Québec trust tax return preparation. RL-16 slips added.
2018 TP-600 for Québec partnership tax returns. RL-15 slips added.
2020 TaxFolder electronic signatures and secure document sharing launched.
2021 Trilogy Software acquired by Xero. TaxCycle becomes TaxCycle from Xero.