TaxCycle T2

Corporate Tax Returns

TaxCycle T2

TaxCycle T2 includes everything you need to prepare tax returns for Canadian corporations, from small businesses to the most complex associated/related corporate groups.

Prepare and electronically file unlimited returns from jurisdictions across the country, including federal T2, Québec CO-17, Alberta AT1 returns.

TaxCycle T2 is included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite, the Paperless Office, or Tax Basics. It is also available as a standalone module.


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Speedy GIFI import

Drag and drop import General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) from all major accounting packages: QuickBooks®, Sage®, CaseWare®, etc.

Live corporate linking

Take the load off preparing returns for associated/related corporations. Live linking shares data between corporations in real time.

Great CCA and assets

Instant data flow between Schedule 8 CCA schedule and Asset worksheets make for quick data entry and powerful management of assets.

Tax constants and rates you can change

Know the impact of budget changes using the TaxConstants worksheet. Change effective dates and rates without waiting for a software update.

T2 document archive in DoxCycle

Link TaxCycle T2 files with a DoxCycle PDF for corporate documents. Keep an organized PDF of the tax return and related documents.

One-click T2, CO-17, AT1 EFILE

Filing more that one type of return? Complete each return and file them all in a single click with TaxCycle's multiple transmit option.

Flexible S9 and S23

Enter data into the associated/related corporate CGI worksheet, or use the S9 or S23. Allocate the small business deduction limit without jumping between forms.

Dynamic Schedule 5 for faster provincial preparation

Schedule 5 grows or shrinks based on the jurisdictions you choose. CO-17 and AT1 forms and fields appear only when you need them.

AgriStability and AgriInvest

Prepare AgriStability/AgriInvest forms for corporations in TaxCycle T2 using the AGRI worksheet. Automatically flow GIFI values into the AGRI forms. EFILE to the CRA.

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Forms and Features

Number of returns Unlimited
Federal T2 returns Tax years starting January 1, 2011
Alberta AT1 returns Tax years starting January 1, 2011
Québec CO-17 returns For 2016 year-ends onward
TaxCycle T2  
ProFile® T2  
Cantax® T2  
Taxprep® T2  
Business Authorization/Cancellation Request (formerly RC59 and RC59X)  
Québec MR-69  
T2 Corporation Internet Filing (including amended returns)  
Québec CO-17 Online Filing (including amended returns)  
AT1 Net File (S12 through S21)  
Request a Web Access Code (WAC)  
T2 Pre-Validation  
T2 Auto-fill  
T1135 EFILE  
T106 EFILE  
T1134 EFILE  
FRRMS Submit e-Documents Services (T106, T1134, T1135)  
General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) import from CaseWare®, QuickBooks®, CCH Engagement, Sage®, Xero®, CSV  
Corporate Linking  
Microsoft Excel® import into any form  
Create T4, T5, T5018, NR4 and Forms files from a T2 return  
S100 – Balance Sheet Information  
S101 – Opening Balance Sheet Information  
S125 – Income Statement Information  
S140 – Summary Statement  
S141 – Notes Checklist  
Notes to financial statements  
T2 – Corporation Income Tax Return  
T2-ADJ – Adjustment notes  
T2Barcode – T2 barcode  
Schedule 1 – Net income (loss) for income tax purposes  
S1FinancingWS – Deduction of financing expenses worksheet  
S1InducementRefundWS – S1 Inducement refund worksheet  
Schedule 2 – Charitable donations and gifts  
S2WS – S2 Donations worksheet  
Schedule 3 – Dividends received, taxable dividends paid, and part IV tax calculation  
S3WS – S3 Dividend paid worksheet  
Schedule 4 – Corporation loss continuity and application  
S4LossCB – Loss carryback worksheet  
S4WS – Loss continuity worksheet  
Schedule 5 – Tax calculation supplementary  
Schedule 6 – Summary of dispositions of capital property  
S6M – Capital property disposition manager  
Schedule 7 – Calculation of aggregate investment income and active business income  
S7WS – Adjusted aggregate investment income (AAII)  
Schedule 8 – Capital cost allowance (CCA)  
S8Asset – Capital cost allowance  
S8Claim – CCA claim  
S8RecWS – Fixed asset reconciliation worksheet  
Schedule 9 – Related and associated corporations  
Schedule 10 – Cumulative eligible capital deduction  
Schedule 11 – Transaction with shareholders, officers, or employees  
Schedule 12 – Resource-related deductions  
Schedule 13 – Continuity of reserves  
S13WS – Financial statements reserve worksheet  
Schedule 14 – Miscellaneous payments to residents  
Schedule 15 – Deferred income plans  
Schedule 16 – Patronage dividend deduction  
Schedule 17 – Credit union deductions  
Schedule 18 – Federal and provincial or territorial capital gains refund  
Schedule 19 – Non-resident shareholder information  
Schedule 20 – Part XIV additional tax on non-resident corporations  
Schedule 21 – Federal and provincial or territorial foreign income tax credits and federal logging tax credit  
S21 – Provincial / territorial foreign tax credit worksheet  
Schedule 22 – Non-resident discretionary trust  
Schedule 23 – Agreement among associated Canadian-controlled private corporations to allocate the business limit  
Schedule 24 – First-time filer after incorporation, amalgamation or winding-up of a subsidiary into a parent  
Schedule 25 – Investment in foreign affiliates  
Schedule 27 – Calculation of the Canadian manufacturing and processing profits reduction  
Schedule 28 – Election not to be an associated corporation  
Schedule 29 – Payments to non-residents  
Schedule 30 (T1263) – Third-party payments for SR&ED  
Schedule 31 – Investment tax credit – corporations  
S31WS – Financial statements reserve worksheet  
Schedule 32 – T661 SR&ED expenditures claim  
S32PPACapWS – T661 overall cap on prescribed proxy amount  
S32WS – T661 Government assistance worksheet  
Schedule 33 – Taxable capital employed in Canada – large corporations  
Schedule 34 – Taxable capital employed in Canada – financial institutions  
Schedule 35 – Taxable capital employed in Canada – large insurance corporations  
Schedule 37 – Calculation of unused surtax credit  
Schedule 38 – Part VI tax on capital of financial institutions  
Schedule 39 – Agreement among related financial institutions - Part VI tax  
Schedule 42 – Calculation of unused part I tax credit  
Schedule 43 – Calculation of parts IV.1 and VI.1 taxes  
Schedule 44 – Non-arm's length transactions  
Schedule 45 – Agreement respecting liability for part VI.1 tax  
Schedule 47 (T1131) – Canadian film or video production tax credit  
Schedule 48 (T1177) – Film or video production services tax credit  
Schedule 49 – Agreement among associated CCPCs to allocate the expenditure limit  
Schedule 50 – Shareholder information  
Schedule 53 – General rate income pool (GRIP) Calculation  
S53WS – S53 General rate income pool (GRIP) adjustment worksheet  
Schedule 54 – Low rate income pool (LRIP) Calculation  
S54WS – S54 Low rate income pool (LRIP) calculation worksheet  
Schedule 55 – Part III.1 tax on excessive eligible dividend designations  
Schedule 58 – Canadian journalism labour tax credit  
Schedule 60 (T661 Part 2) – SR&ED expenditures claim  
Schedule 61 (T1145) – Agreement to allocate assistance for SR&ED between persons not dealing at arm's length  
Schedule 62 (T1146) – Agreement to transfer qualified expenditures incurred in respect of SR&ED between persons not dealing at arm's length  
Schedule 71 – Income inclusion for corporations that are members of single-tier partnerships  
Schedule 72 – Income inclusion for corporations that are members of multi-tier partnerships  
Schedule 73 – Income inclusion summary for corporations that are members of partnerships  
Schedule 88 – Internet business activities  
Schedule 89 – Request for capital dividend account balance verification  
Schedule 91 – Information concerning claims for treaty-based exemptions  
Schedule 97 – Additional information on non-resident corporations in Canada  
CDACurrentYearWS – T2054 Current year  
CDANextYearWS – T2054 Next year  
CDAPriorYearWS – T2054 Prior year  
Info – Corporate information  
CGI – Corporate Group Information  
Engagement – Client engagement information  
Billing – Billing worksheet  
MotorVehicle – Motor vehicle worksheet  
Rental – Rental income  
RentalSummary – Summary of rental income  
FederalInstalments – Federal instalment payments  
TaxPaymentWS – Tax payments made worksheet  
T2PaymentDueDateWS – Payment due date worksheet  
Interest – Interest and late-filing penalties  
TaxConstants – Tax constants worksheet  
Alberta AT1 return (see below)  
British Columbia: S421, S422, S423, S425, S427, S428, S429, S430, BCLoggingTax  
Manitoba: S380, S381, S383, S384, S385, S387, S388, S389, S390, S394  
New Brunswick: S360, S362, S365, S366, S367  
Newfoundland and Labrador: S300, S301, S302, S303, S305, S306, S307, S308, S309  
Northwest Territories: S460, S461  
Nova Scotia: S340, S341, S343, S344, S345, S346, S347, S348, S349, S350  
Nunavut: S480, S481  
Ontario: S500, S501, S502, S504, S506, S507, S508, S508WS, S510, S511, S512, S513, S514, S515, S516, S517, S524, S525, S550, S552, S554, S556, S558, S560, S564, S566, S568, S569, 570  
Prince Edward Island: S320, S321, S322  
Québec CO-17 return (see below)  
Saskatchewan: S400, S402, S403, S404, S410, S411, SCT1  
Yukon: S440, S441, S442, S443, S444  
AuthRepBus – Authorization Request  
AuthRepBusCancel – Cancelling a Representative  
AuthRepBusResults – Authorization or cancellation requests results  
MBAuth – Authorization or cancellation of a representative (Manitoba)  
MR-69 – Power of attorney, authorization to communicate information, or revocation  
MR69Results – MR-69 attachments and results  
AT4930 – Alberta consent form  
T183 – Information return for corporations filing electronically  
T2CIFDeclaration – T2 CIF Terms and conditions  
T2OnlineMailTerms – T2 Online Mail Terms of Use  
T2CIFWS – Internet filing worksheet  
AttachADoc – Attach-a-doc for electronically-filed T2 corporation income tax returns  
PreValidation – Filing pre-validation  
CO-1000.TE – Online filing of the corporation income tax return  
T106 – Slip  
T106S – Summary  
T106TransmissionWS – T106 electronic transmission worksheet  
T1044 – Non-profit organization (NPO) information return  
T1044WS – NPO information return worksheet  
T1134 – Information return relating to controlled and not-controlled foreign affiliates  
T1134TransmissonWS – T1134 electronic transmission worksheet  
T1134Sup – T1134 Supplement  
T1135 – Foreign income verification statement  
T1135TransmissonWS – T1135 electronic transmission worksheet  
T2DD – Direct deposit (RC366)  
AGRI – AgriStability/AgriInvest Statement A/B  
AGRIInv – Farming inventory adjustment  
AgriEfileResults – AgriStability electronic transmission results  
SCT1 – Saskatchewan corporation capital tax return  
CO-17 – Corporation income tax return  
CO-17.SP – Information and income tax return for non-profit corporations  
CO-17.A.1 – Net income for income tax purposes  
QC1Addition – CO17.A.1 Taxable tax credits  
QC1AdditionOther – CO17.A.1 Taxable tax credits  
QC1Deduction – CO17.A.1 Non-taxable tax credits  
QC1DeductionsAdditional – CO17.A.1 Additional deductions  
QC1DeductionOther – CO17.A.1 Other deductions  
CO-17.B – Adjustment of income from one or more partnerships  
CO-17.B.1 – Amount to be included in the income of a corporation that is a member of a single-tier partnership  
CO-17.B.2 – Amount to be included in the income of a corporation that is a member of a multi-tier partnership  
CO-17.CE – Internet business activities  
CO-17S.2 – Charitable donations and other gifts  
QC2WS – Québec donations worksheet  
CO-17S.3 – Dividends received and taxable dividends paid  
CO-17S.4 – Corporation loss continuity and application  
QC4WS – Québec loss continuity worksheet  
CO-130.B – Deduction respecting incorporeal capital property  
CO-17S.8 – List of investments  
CO-17S.8.CS – List of investments for certain corporations  
CO-17S.9 – Related and associated corporations  
CO-17S.10 – Transactions with shareholders, officers, or employees  
CO-17S.10A – Non-arm's length transactions  
CO-17S.11 – Continuity of reserves  
CO-17S.12 – Royalty payments or fees, or other similar payments  
CO-17S.14 – Non-resident shareholder information  
CO-17S.21 – Foreign tax credit  
CO-17S.28 – Election not to be an associated corporation through a third corporation  
CO-17S.36 – First-time filer after incorporation, amalgamation, or winding-up of a subsidiary into a parent  
CO-17S.50 – Shareholder information  
CO-17S.232 – Summary of dispositions of capital property  
CO-130.A – Capital cost allowance  
CO-156.EN – Agreement concerning regional ceilings respecting the additional deduction for transportation costs of small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses  
CO-156.TR – Additional deduction for transporting costs of small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses  
CO-400 – Resource-related deductions  
CO-502 Current Year – Election in respect of a dividend paid out of a capital dividend account  
CO-502 Next Year – Election in respect of a dividend paid out of a capital dividend account  
CO-771 – Calculation of the income tax of a corporation  
CO-771. – Income of a corporation that is a member of a partnership from an eligible business carried on in Canada by the corporation  
CO-771. – Business limit allocated to a corporation that is designated member of a partnership  
CO-771.1.3 – Associated corporations' agreement respecting the allocation of the business limit  
CO-771.1.3.AJ – Adjust business limit  
CO-771.1.3.AT – Business limit allocated to a corporation that has specific corporate income  
CO-771.R.3 – Breakdown of business carried on in Québec and elsewhere  
CO771WS – Small business deduction, normalized paid hours calculation  
CO-786 – Patronage dividend deduction  
QC16WS – CO-786 Patronage dividend election worksheet  
CO-1012 – Application by a corporation to carry back a loss  
CO1012LossCB – CO-1012 Québec loss carryback worksheet  
COZ-1027.P – Payment of income tax, capital tax, registration fee or compensation tax of a corporation  
CO-1027.VE – Instalments made and balance paid by a corporation  
CO-1027Instalments – Calculation of instalments for corporations  
CO-1027InstalmentsPaymentSchedule – Québec instalment payment schedule  
CO-1136 – Calculation of paid-up capital  
CO-1136.CS – Paid-up capital for purposes of calculating the income tax of certain corporations  
CO1136DeductionsWS – Deduction from paid-up capital  
CO-1137.A – $1 million deduction  
CO-1137.E – Agreement respecting the $1 million deduction  
CO-1138.1 – Associated corporations' agreement election respection the deduction for farming corporations and fishing corporations  
CO-1029.8.33.6 – Tax credit for an on-the job training period  
CO-1029.8.33.6S (Summary) – Summary of tax credit for an on-the job training period  
CO-1029.8.33.13 – Tax credit for reporting tips  
CO-1029.8.33.CS – Tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses that employ persons with a severly limited capacity for employment  
CO-1029.8.33.TE – Tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses to foster the retention of experienced workers  
CO-1029.8.33.TF – Agreement concerning the tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses to foster the retention of experienced workers  
CO-1029.8.35 – Tax credit for Québec film productions  
CO-1029.8.36.5 – Tax credit for a design activity carried out by an outside consultant  
CO-1029.8.36.7 – Tax credit for an in-house design activity  
CO-1029.8.36.DA – Tax credit fo the development of an e-business  
CO-1029.8.36.DC – Election respecting the tax credit for the development of an e-business  
CO-1029.8.36.EM – Tax credit relating to resources  
CO-1029.8.36.FO – Employee training tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses  
CO-1029.8.36.ID – Cumulative limit allocation agreement for the tax credit for investment  
CO-1029.8.36.IN – Investment tax credit  
RD-222 – Deduction respecting scientific research and experimental development expenditures  
RD-1029.7 – Tax credit for salaries and wages  
RD102978RD – Agreement between associated corporations regarding the expenditure limit (for RD-1029.7)  
RD102978University – Agreement between associated corporations regarding the expenditure limit (for RD-1029.8.6)  
RD-1029.8.6 – Tax credit for university research or research carried out by a public research centre or a research consortium  
TP-997.1 – Information return for tax-exempt entities  
TP-1086.R.23.12 – Cost incurred for work on an immovable  
CO17Deductions – Details of various deductions  
CO17NonRefundable – Details of various non-refundable credits  
CO17OnlineWS – CO-17 online filing worksheet  
CO17Refundable – Details of various refundable credits  
CO17SpecialTax – Detail of special taxes payable or amounts written off  
QC1Meal – QC1 Meal  
COR-17.U – Income tax return data  
COR-17.W – Keying summary  
COR-17.X – Keying summary  
COR-17.Y – Keying summary  
COR-17.Z – Keying summary  
IN417 – Information for users of software for generating corporation income tax forms  
AT1 – Alberta corporate income tax return  
AT1Exempt – Alberta filing exemption  
AT1RSI – Return schedule and information  
AlbertaInstalments – Alberta instalments worksheet  
AT1NetFileDeclaration – AT1 Net File declaration  
AT1NetFileWS – AT1 Net File worksheet  
AS1 – Alberta small business deduction  
AS2 – Alberta income allocation factor  
AS3 – Alberta other tax deductions and credits  
AS4 – Alberta foreign investment income tax credit  
AS8 – Alberta political contributions tax credit  
AS9 – Alberta SR&ED tax credit  
AS9Project – Listing of SR&ED projects claimed in Alberta  
AS9Step – AS9 SR&ED two-step calculation  
AS9Supplemental – Alberta SR&ED tax credit supplemental  
AS10 – Alberta loss carryback application  
AS10LossCB – Alberta loss carryback worksheet  
AS12 – Alberta income/loss reconciliation  
AS13 – Capital cost allowance (CCA)  
AS15 – Alberta resource related deductions  
AS16 – Alberta scientific research expenditures  
AS17 – Alberta reserves  
AS18 – Alberta dispositions of capital property  
AS20 – Alberta charitable donations and gifts deduction  
AS20WS – Alberta donations worksheet  
AS21 – Alberta calculation of current year loss and continuity of losses  
AS21WS – Alberta loss continuity worksheet  
AS29 – Alberta Innovation Employment Grant (IEG)  
AS29Project – AT4970 Listing of innovation employment grant (IEG) projects claimed in Alberta  
AS29Step – AS29 Innovation employment grant (IEG) two-step calculation  
AT1S5 – Alberta royalty tax deduction  
AT1S6 – Alberta royalty tax credit  
AT1S7 – Alberta royalty tax credit/deduction supplemental information  
T2Summary – T2 summary  
5YearComp – 5 year comparative summary  
5YearComp S1 – 5 year comparative summary for schedule 1  
CO17Summary – CO-17 return  
CO17SPSummary – CO17-SP Summary  
5YearComp CO17 – 5 Year Comparative CO17  
5YearComp CO17SP – 5 Year Comparative CO17-SP  
T2 Auto-fill (AFR) – T2 Auto-fill from Represent a Client  
Memos – Memo summary  
Tapes – Tape summary  
Workflow – Workflow summary  
ELetter – Engagement letter  
CLetter – Client letter  
CInvoice – Client invoice  
EngagementEmail – Engagement Cover Email  
ESignatureEmail – E-Signature Cover Email  
ClientCopyEmail – Client copy cover email  
T183Email – T183 Cover Email  
AuthEmailBus – Business Authorization Cover Email  
CO1000Email – CO-1000 Cover Email  
AT4930Email – AT4930 Cover email  
T2CIFReceipt – CIF receipt  
T2AuthRepBusReceipt – Client AuthRepBus receipt  
T2AuthRepBusCancelReceipt – Client AuthRepBusCancel receipt  
T2AttachADocReceipt – Attach-a-doc receipt  
CO17Receipt – CO-17 Online Filing receipt  
AT1Receipt – AT1 Net File receipt  
MR69Receipt – Client MR-69 receipt  
T106Receipt – T106 receipt  
T106FRRMSReceipt – T106 FRRMS Submit e-Doc receipt  
T1134FRRMSReceipt – T1134 FRRMS Submit e-Doc receipt  
T1134Receipt – T1134 receipt  
T1135Receipt – T1135 receipt  
T1135FRRMSReceipt – T1135 FRRMS Submit e-Doc receipt  
AGRIReceipt – AGRI receipt  
ALabel – Avery Mailing label (2 3/8 x 1)  
Notes – File notes  
AuthRepBus signature page  
AuthRepBusCancel signature page  
MR-69 – Authorization to communicate information or power of attorney  
AT4930 – Alberta consent form  
T183 (CORP) – Information Return for Corporations Filing Electronically  
CO-1000 – Online filing of the corporation income tax return by an accredited person (Québec)  
T106 – Information return of non-arm's length transactions with non-residents  
T1134 – Information return relating to controlled and not-controlled foreign affiliates  
T1135 – Foreign income verification statement  
T2054 – Election for a capital dividend under subsection 83(2)  
ELetter – Engagement letter  

Online filing of the corporation income tax return (CO-17)

This software allows the filing of the Corporation Income Tax Return (CO-17), the Information and Income Tax Return for Non-Profit Corporations (CO-17.SP) and related forms, including the Online Filing of the Corporation Income Tax Return by an Accredited Person form (CO-1000.TE). However, its use, as well as any omission or inaccuracy in the information provided, is the responsibility of the user.