Request a T2 WAC

Updated: 2020-11-17

You can file a T2 corporate tax return using your EFILE number and password, or using the corporation's Web Access Code (WAC).

If you recently renewed your EFILE number, you will immediately receive a new EFILE password for the year. However, the suitability screening may not complete immediately. Until it has, you cannot file T2 returns using your EFILE number and password. You can, however, use a Web Access Code (WAC) to file the T2 return. Here's how to request a WAC and where to enter it in TaxCycle.

Already have a Web Acces Code (WAC)?

If you received a Web Acces Code (WAC) from your client or by contacting the CRA in another way, enter the WAC on the T2CIFWS.

Request a Web Access Code (WAC) from TaxCycle

  1. In TaxCycle T2, open T2CIFWS worksheet. 
  2. Answer Yes to the question Request a WAC online?.
  3. Complete the fields below the question, if required. The Postal code of mailing address and the Incorporation or Amalgamation date flow from the Info worksheet.
  4. The Last name, First name and Position or title are automatically completed depending on the selection made in the Select the WAC requester field. To enter these details on this form, select Maually enter requester information from the drop-down menu.   
    T2CIFWS web access code fields
  5. Click on the Transmit sidebar or press F12.
  6. Click once on the T2 Web Access Code Request box to open it.
  7. Click Request now! to initiate the request.
    Ready to transmit a T2 WAC request
  8. Upon successful completion of the request, the request status appears in the Transmit sidebar.
  9. TaxCycle automatically enters the new WAC on the T2CIFWS.

Have both an EFILE number and a WAC?

If you have both an EFILE number configured TaxCycle options and a WAC on the T2CIFWS, you may see a review message alerting you to this. When both are entered, TaxCycle will automatically use the WAC to transmit the return. 

T2CIF worksheet with WAC and EFILE number