Errors When Requesting an SMS Verification Code for TaxFolder

Updated: 2023-02-11

Occasionally, TaxFolder end users receive errors when trying to request a verification code sent by SMS/text when signing a document. This may happen when using an older device to make the request, or if they enter their phone number five times in rapid succession. 

When this error occurs, the “unable to send code” error displays even when the user correctly enters the expected phone number. (If a client receives the "phone number digits did not match" error message, they must contact the tax preparer to update their phone number.)

Important! To request SMS/text messages that verify your identity before viewing a document, cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in the browser settings on your device.

Troubleshooting Ideas

To attempt to resolve this issue, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Wait at least one minute before trying again. Even under normal operations, the verification code may take one or two minutes to arrive.
  • Check your device settings to make sure that SMS blocking is not enabled.
  • Use a different browser on your device (Chrome or Firefox, instead of Safari for example).
  • Use a different device (desktop or laptop, instead of a mobile device).

Help Us Investigate

If none of the above actions resolves the issue, we would appreciate information to help us investigate the issue. Please send the following information to

  • The end user’s email address and phone number used in TaxFolder.
  • Device, model and operating system used.
  • Mobile network of the device.
  • Browser and browser version used.