File Locking

Updated: 2023-10-27

File locking prevent changes to the data in the TaxCycle file. It also prevents any updates to calculated fields that may occur between software versions.

Once a file is locked:

  1. All fields change to green non-edit text to prevent accidental data entry.
  2. A green message displays at the top of the form area to indicate that the file is locked.
  3. If the return was locked using a previous version of the software, you can click the Preview changes button to see a list of calculation changes that would apply if you unlock the file.

Screen Capture: Locked File Indicators

Lock a File

  1. Go to the Security menu and click Lock File.
  2. If you have transmitted all required returns and forms in the file, TaxCycle will prompt you to lock the return. Click the Lock button in the message. Alternatively, you can configure TaxCycle to lock the file automatically in T1, T2, T3 and T5013 files after transmitting all the required returns and forms. To learn how, see the Automatic File Locking help topic.
    Screen Capture: Lock File in the Security Menu
  3. In Printer and PDF Output Options, you can set a print option to lock the file automatically upon printing.
    Screen Capture: Lock file after printing

Unlock a File

  1. Go to the Security menu and click the Unlock File button. However, if you unlock a file, it will not be automatically locked again.
  2. You can also click the Unlock button in the green message that displays above the form area. 

Screen Capture: Unlock File