Updated: 2023-05-11

Bulletins are a special kind of review message that appear when you need to do something important like create a adjust a return, when a file is in use, or to upgrade a T2 return to a more recent module. They announce significant issues or potential actions that affect the entire file or tax return.

  1. Bulletins appear in a bar above the form area on all forms. 
  2. Click the bullhorn button on the left to go to the Bulletins view in the Review sidebar and see all the bulletins.
  3. If there is more than one bulletin available, use the buttons on the left to move through the bulletins.
  4. Within the bulletin bar, links provide actions to address the bulletin.
  5. Click the Dismiss button to hide the bulletin. This hides the bulletin bar but the message stays will continue to appear in the Require attention and Bulletins views in the Review sidebar. The bulletin bar will reappear the next time you open the file.
  6. To hide the bulletin from the sidebar and prevent it from reappearing, sign off the message.

Bulletin bar in TaxCycle