T1 AgriStability and AgriInvest Forms (T1163/4 and T1273/4)

Updated: 2023-06-06

The AgriStability and AgriInvest (ASAI) programs are a joint federal, provincial and territorial business risk management program.

  • AgriStability is a margin-based program that provides support when you experience larger income losses.
  • AgriInvest is a self-managed producer-government savings account designed to help producers manage small income declines and make investments to manage risk and improve market income.

TaxCycle transmits AgriStability or AgriInvest programs to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) through EFILE with the T1 return.

Transfer T2042 to AgriStability

  1. Complete the details on the T2042 Statement of Farming Activities.
  2. On the Home menu, click Smart Copy and select Transfer T2042 to AgriStability.
    Screen Capture: Transfer T2042 to AgriStability
  3. TaxCycle copies the information from the T2042 statement and creates either form T1163 or T1273.
  4. Delete the original T2042 using the Quick Fix review message, as you may only file either the T2042 or the T1163.
    Screen Capture: T2042, Delete this item
  5. Complete the details on form T1163.

Participant Identification Number (PIN)

AgriStability and AgriInvest forms must include the Participant Identification Number (PIN) for electronic filing. The PIN is a unique identifier that allows the automatic matching of a participant’s information to their prior year records and prevents processing delays.

The PIN appears on the following statements:

  • AgriStability Enrolment Notice
  • AgriStability Calculation of Program Benefits Notice
  • Annual Statement of Account
  • Deposit Notice
  • Deposit Confirmation Notice

Clients participating in AgriStability or AgriInvest for the first time must request a PIN before they can electronically file the forms. To obtain a PIN, participants can complete a PIN Request Form on

The PIN will be sent directly to the new participant.

Statement B for Additional Farming Operations

To complete Statement B (T1164 or T1274) for an additional farming operation, start a new AGRI form. The second instance of this form will contain Statement B:

  1. Enter information on form Statement A, for T1163 or T1273.
  2. Press F4, type T1164, select Create a new T1164. Or type T1274 and select Create a new T1274.
  3. Enter information on Statement B.
  4. To create another Statement B, repeat steps 2 and 3.

Screen Capture: T1164 in Fast Find

Main Farmstead for Multiple Jurisdictions

In the case of filing for multiple jurisdictions, if the taxpayer is a resident of Alberta but requires a T1273 for an operation in British Columbia, where the province of main farmstead is in British Columbia, select the province of main farmstead on form T2203. This will allow you to enter data on form T1273/T1274 although the taxpayer is a resident of Alberta.

If a spouse or partner needs to report income for a farming operation where the main farmstead is in a different province than the principal taxpayer, uncouple the returns and calculate them separately.

Screen Capture: Participants in AgriStability and AgriInvest Programs.