Tuition Amounts Transferred From a Dependant

Updated: 2023-04-11

Where you enter the tuition amounts transferred from a dependant depends on whether you are preparing a full return for the dependant (see the Dependant and Family Returns help topic), or whether you are completing just the Dependant worksheet (see the Dependant Tax Credits help topic).

Family Returns (Linked Dependant Return)

Use these steps if you are preparing a return for the dependant AND that return is part of a family’s return. To learn how to link dependants into a family return, read the Dependant and Family Returns help topic.

  1. On the dependant’s return, enter the tuition amounts from the dependant’s Tuition (T2202/TL11). The amount from the dependant’s T2202/TL11 determines the tuition amounts that you can transfer.
    Screen Capture: Transfer tuition amounts from a dependant
  2. On the parent, grandparent, spouse or partner return, this appears as a calculated (blue) field on line 32400, Tuition amounts transferred from a child or grandchild of the T1 return.

Dependant Worksheet

If you are not preparing a full return for the dependant, but you still need to enter tuition amounts transferred from the dependant:

  1. Open the parent, grandparent, spouse or partner return.
  2. If you haven’t already, add a Dep worksheet for the dependant. To learn how to do this, read the Dependant Tax Credits help topic.
  3. If the dependant doesn’t need to prepare a return, or their return is not linked to the family’s return, enter the Unused tuition amount from the previous year on line 1 and the Tuition fees paid for the current year on line 2 in the Tuition, education and textbook amounts transferred from a child section.
  4. If the dependant’s return is linked to the family’s return, the first two lines Maximum amount available for transfer according to their Schedule 11 and Enter amount to transfer, will be filled and the section with lines 1 and 2 below will be blank. 
  5. The calculated Maximum amount available to transfer appears on line 12.
  6. TaxCycle calculates the amount to transfer from the dependant and enters it on line 13.
  7. If you have the default optimization settings, TaxCycle inserts the parent, grandparent, spouse or partner who will benefit most from the unused amounts to the Transfer claimed by: line.

Screen Capture: Dep worksheet