Québec TP-646 Trust Returns

Updated: 2023-05-16

TaxCycle T3 includes the Québec TP-646 trust income tax return and related RL-16 slips. To trigger a Québec TP-646 return when preparing a federal T3 return:

  1. Choose Québec from the Province/territory of residence drop-down on the Info worksheet.
  2. This reveals two new sections in the Prepare sidebar with the related TP-646 schedules.
    Screen Capture: Residency section on the Info worksheet
  3. The related RL-16 slip appears for the beneficiary at the bottom on the T3Ben slip.
    Screen Capture: RL-16 on the T3Ben
  4. The Print/PDF sidebar shows additional print sets for TP-646, including the TP-646 Revenu Québec Copy for filing the return.
  5. To print RL-16 slips for recipients, choose one of the RL16 slips views from the menu at the top of the Print/PDF sidebar.
    Screen Capture: TP-646 and RL-16 Print sets