Slips and Multi-Copy Forms

Updated: 2020-09-11

Create a New Slip or Multi-copy Form

  1. Double-click on any form icon with a green plus sign to start a new copy of the form or slip:
    New Form Icon
  2. Or, type the form name in the F4 Fast Find search box and press Ctrl+Enter.
  3. Once you enter an issuer, business or form name, a new copy of the form appears in the list and you can now also search for the form by that name.

Slips in the Prepare Sidebar

  1. Each slip appears separately in the Prepare sidebar, with the name of the business or issuer.
  2. Click on the copy to jump straight to that slip or form.
  3. The option to create a new slip or multi-copy form always stays in the sidebar: click on it to go to a blank slip or form.
Screen Capture: Multiple T4 Slips

Slips Navigation Bar

Screen Capture: Slips Navigation Bar

  1. Slips have a navigation bar at the top of the form. The count at the left of the form shows how many slips of that type you have and which one you are on.
  2. Forward and back buttons step through the list of the slips.
  3. Use the drop-down to move between slips.
  4. Click NEW SLIP to open a blank slip.
  5. Click DELETE SLIP to delete the current slip.
  6. Click SHOW SLIP to jump to the slip in DoxCycle.

Form Sets

  1. Some forms come as sets. Create the first form and a group of related worksheets appears. For example, for business and income statements.
  2. Enter any information on a blank T2125, and the related forms become available in the Prepare sidebar and F4 Fast Find: T2125Asset, T2125AssetSummary, T2125CCA, T2125CCAClaim, etc.
  3. If you delete any of the forms in the set, the others are also deleted.
Screen Capture: Form Sets

Slips Summary

  1. The Slips summary displays a list of all slips in the tax return and the details from each of those slips.
  2. The top of the summary shows a count of the types or slips and outstanding issues.
  3. Click the Add slip link next to the type of slip to start a new slip of that type.
  4. You can add review marks to the slips summary, making it a much better review tool. Click on the review marks in the ribbon and then click on an amount to attach them to the field.
  5. You can also add memos to fields on the slip summary. Click on an amount and then press  F8 to create the memo.
  6. Review messages from the original slip appear on the Slips summary, and you can resolve them with Quick Fix messages there.

Screen Capture: T1 Slips Summary