Updated: 2020-07-22

Memos are like sticky notes you can add to fields within any form in a TaxCycle file. Use them as reminders to review data before filing or in the following year.

Add a memo to a field

  1. With your cursor in a field on a form, press F8 or click the Memo button on the Home menu to add or open a memo.
  2. Type a comment. TaxCycle adds your name, the date and time. If a different preparer adds a comment, TaxCycle records their name too.
  3. Check to carry forward a comment to the following year.
  4. Hover over a comment and click the red x to delete it.
  5. Click the check mark next to a comment to sign off.
  6. To close the memo, click off from the memo, or click the close link.


Finding memos

  1. Fields with memos in them have a yellow M on the left.
  2. Hover over the yellow M for a preview of the latest comment.
  3. Click the Delete memo link to delete the memo. 
  4. Click the check mark to sign off the memo.
  5. Select the Memos view in the Prepare sidebar to list all forms with memos on them.
  6. In the Prepare sidebar, Forms with memos have a yellow M in the form icon. See the Form icons and field text colours help topic.
  7. Forms with memos also have a yellow M to the right of the form name. Click this M to go to the field. 
  8. In the Review sidebar, memos appear in the Require attention view until you click the check mark to sign off memo and remove it from this view.
  9. Memos that are not signed off also appear in the Outstanding memos view.
  10. To list just memos on the currently-open form, select Memos on current form.
  11. To list all memos in the Review sidebar, whether signed off or not, choose All Memos
  12. Double-click on a memo to jump to the field.


Drag and drop memos

You can drag and drop any memo from one field to another. Open the form you want, click on the memo and hold down your mouse button. While holding the button, move your cursor to a field on the form and then let go. 

  1. To view all forms with associated memos on them, select the Memos view in the Prepare sidebar.
  2. Click the M icon to the right of the form name to open the form and jump to the Review list with the Memos on current form view selected.
  3. From the Review (F9) message list, drag the memo to the field you want.


Memos summary

The Memos summary shows all the tapes in a return. Look for it in the Summaries section of the Prepare sidebar, or search for it with the name Memos:


Print memos after the form

To print memos on a new page after the form, check the Print memos option: