Preview and Test Templates

Updated: 2021-07-20

To test template customizations in the Template Editor using real data from a tax return:

  1. Open one or more client files in TaxCycle. These files must match the tax module and year of the template you are working on.
  2. You will also want to consider the data in the files you use for testing. For example:
    • If you have a condition or field code that only shows if you have data in the referenced field, you'll want to make sure there is data in that field.
    • If you want to view information related to spouse or dependants in a letter, make sure the file has spouse or dependant information too.
  3. In the Preview sidebar, click the name of the taxpayer for any open and matching TaxCycle files.
    Screen Capture: The Preview Sidebar
  4. This uses that client's information to show a preview on the right side of the window, if you are using the default Side Preview view (or at the bottom in the Bottom Preview view—change this using the buttons in the menu).
  5. To test printing of a template, click the Test Print button in the menu.
    Screen Capture: Preview and Test Print