Tour of the TaxCycle Window

Updated: 2020-07-21


  1. At the top of the window, the Quick Access Toolbar includes commands you use most frequently. Click the down arrow to add or remove commands from the toolbar and sort by the order of appearance. You can also move this toolbar below the ribbon. See the Quick Access Toolbar help topic.
  2. The File, Home, Tools, View, and Protect tabs contain the features and functions of TaxCycle. Click on a tab to show a ribbon.
  3. Hide or show the ribbon depending on the space you need. Click the up arrow to hide the ribbon. It reappears when you hover over a tab.
  4. The Favourites bar contains buttons for the forms you most frequently need. Learn more in the Favourites Bar help topic.
  5. The sidebar has a tab for each step in the preparation process. See these help topics for more information:
  6. Unpin the sidebar to make it disappear when you move your mouse away from it. Pin the sidebar to keep it open.
  7. Click the arrow button to move the sidebar to the other side of the window.
  8. Each open form shows as a tab. Click on a tab to view the form. 
  9. Click the left or right arrow to scroll through the tabs.
  10. The circular symbol lists all open forms. Select one to go to the form. Open tabs are saved in the file so the same tabs appear the next time you open the return. At the bottom of the list, click to Save the current tabs as defaults for all new returns. 
  11. Important messages appear as bulletins below the form tabs. Click a button or link in the message to address the issue. 
  12. The Data Monitors appear in the grey bar near the bottom of the window. They monitor information in the open tax return. See the Work With Data Monitors help topic.
  13. In the blue bar at the bottom of the window, you can adjust the form size:
    1. Click the fit to width button to fill the space to the full width of the form.
    2. Click the fit to height button to see a full page of the form.
    3. Click the plus + or minus - signs to zoom in or out.
    4. Click the magnifying glass to reset the resolution to 100%.
  14. The Fr button toggles forms between French and English. (This only applies to forms and does not affect the rest of the window.) See the French Language Settings help topic.
  15. Click the time clock to turn the timer on and off. See the Timer help topic.
  16. The transmission status for the current taxpayer shows at the bottom of the window. Hover over a symbol for more details.
  17. The field code for the field where the cursor is shows on the bottom left. Click it to copy the code and add it to a template. See the Field Codes help topic.

Multiple windows and monitors

If you have a wide-screen or multi-monitor setup, make the most of it. Just like for your browser window, you can drag a form tab off the main window to open it in a new window.

You can disable the ability to tear away tabs or run TaxCycle in multiple windows in options. Go to the Display page in options and adjust the settings there:


Add the Shift key to an existing command to open a form or return in a new window either side-by-side on a single monitor, or directly to your second monitor.

  1. Hold down Shift, then click on an icon in the Favourites bar to open the form in a new window.
  2. When switching between spouses, press Shift+F5 to open the spouse’s return in a new window.
  3. When opening a form from Fast Find (F4), press Shift+Enter to open it in a new window. 

Drag a window