Québec RL-3 Relevés

Updated: 2020-07-22

Use TaxCycle T5 to prepare the related Québec RL-3 slips. Start with preparing your T5 slip. To learn how to do this, read the T5 Info worksheet help topic and the Enter T5 slip data help topic. Then, follow the instructions on this page.

Québec fields on the Info worksheet

If you're preparing and filing Québec RL-3 slips, first complete the following fields in TaxCycle T5:

  1. In the Filing section on the Info worksheet, answer Yes to the question File Relevés for recipients living in Québec? This activates the copy of the RL-3 slip at the bottom of the T5 slips.
  2. In the Québec section on the Info worksheet, enter the slip issuer's Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ) and/or Québec ID Number.
  3. In the Transmitter section on the Engagement worksheet, you should see your preparer or firm Québec Identification number and Québec Transmitter number. If you don't, set this information on the Slips Credentials page that appears under the Transmission section in Options and TaxCycle will automatically insert them here. Learn more in the Slip options help topic.

Enter RL-3 slip data

  1. Start by entering T5 slip data. To learn how, see the Enter T5 slip data help topic.
  2. Complete the T5 slips for a recipient, the related RL-3 data entry fields only appear if the Province in the recipient address is set to QC.
  3. The data for the T5 slip flows to the appropriate boxes on RL-3 slip.
  4. You can also add additional boxes as required.
  5. Scroll down to see a print preview of the RL-3.


The RL3Summary brings all the slip information into one summary to report the total amounts. Before filing, review the these totals.