Carry Forward and Link

Updated: 2024-01-09

You can carry forward a prior-year tax return and create the linked DoxCycle PDF in one step.

  1. Open TaxCycle.
  2. Choose the tax module of the return you want to carry forward. Such as, T1.
  3. Click Carry forward and Link (Ctrl+Shift+R) to browse for a prior-year file.
  4. For earlier tax years, click the icon with the green D with the purple swoosh.
    Screen Capture: Carry forward and link
  5. In the Client Manager, click Carry forward and link icon.
    Screen Capture: Carry forward and link from the Client Manager
  6. Browse to the folder where you saved last year's tax returns and select the file you want to carry forward.
  7. Click the Open button.
  8. TaxCycle takes the identifying information from the prior-year return and uses it to create a DoxCycle file with the taxpayer names. At the same time, it creates a TaxCycle linked tax return file.
  9. Save (Ctrl+S) in TaxCycle and in DoxCycle to retain the link between the two files.