Consent to Share Your Usage Data

Updated: 2023-10-17

When you first open a return in TaxCycle, a message appears at the top of the form asking you whether you would like to help improve TaxCycle by agreeing to share your usage data with our team. 

Screen Capture: Usage data consent message in bulletin

The message stays on screen until you answer Yes or No in at least one file. Once you do this, it disappears from the bulletin area and from the Review sidebar.

  • If you answer Yes, you are agreeing to share usage data about how you use forms and features within TaxCycle. We may receive data identifying you as the person using TaxCycle. However, it does not share identifying client data with us. We will use this data to guide the improvements we make to TaxCycle. 
  • If you answer No, you do not consent to sharing your usage data.
  • If you Dismiss the message, it will disappear from the screen but will reappear the next time you open a file.

Your choice is recorded on the Diagnostics page in Options. You can change your consent at any time from this Options page.

  1. Go to the File menu, then click Options.
  2. On the left side of the window, click on Diagnostics.
  3. Check or clear the box under Usage Data (see screen capture above). By checking the box, you consent to sharing your usage data, as described above.
  4. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.

Screen Capture: Usage Data Consent