Set up 2FA via Text Message (SMS)

Updated: 2021-04-13

Two-factor authentication—or 2FA—provides an extra layer of protection for your purchases within your TaxCycle Account, and especially for client documents stored in TaxFolder.

When you sign in, you confirm your identity through an authenticator app on your mobile phone (preferred method), or by receiving a unique code via text message (SMS). This additional step protects your clients and firm from unauthorized access to confidential documents.

We strongly encourage everyone to set up two-factor authentication on their TaxCycle Account.

Go to Your TaxCycle Account

  1. Sign in to your TaxCycle Account. You will be redirected to the Change Profile page in your TaxCycle Account. (If you enter your account from the TaxCycle website, you may need to click Change Email to get to the Change Profile page.)
  2. If you are already signed into TaxCycle or DoxCycle desktop software with your account, click on the person button in the title bar of TaxCycle. If you have not yet set up two-factor authentication, you will see a message. Click the link in the message to open your TaxCycle Account in a browser (and sign in again if necessary). You will be redirected to the Advanced Security page.
    Screen Capture: Set up two-factor authentication

Set up 2FA via Text Messaging

  1. Sign in to your TaxCycle Account (see above).
  2. In your TaxCycle Account, go to the Advanced Security page.
    Screen Capture: TaxCycle Account Menu Advanced Security
  3. Click on the Text messaging button.
    Screen Capture: Text Messaging Button
  4. Enter the mobile phone number where you want to receive the verification code text messages.
  5. Click Add Phone Number.
    Screen Capture: Add Phone Number
  6. Enter the verification code sent to your phone number.
  7. Click Verify Phone Number.
    Screen Capture: Verify Phone Number
  8. We also recommend you provide a recovery email address in case you lose access to your two-factor device.
    Screen Capture: Set Recovery Email

Sign in with a Verification Code

  1. Enter your Email address and Password on the Sign In page.
  2. Click the Sign In Now button.
    Screen Capture: Sign In Page
  3. Check your mobile device for text messages with your TaxCycle Account code.
  4. If you prefer a voice message, click the link to call with a voice message instead, answer the call and listen to the code provided.
  5. Enter the code.
  6. Click Sign In Now.
    Screen Capture: Approve Sign In