500 Error When Requesting Signatures Via TaxFolder

Updated: 2021-04-23


You receive a 500 error (server error 500) when attempting to send a document for signature to TaxFolder, from TaxCycle.


This issue occurs when the message in the email cover letter template selected when printing contains more than 2000 characters.

Screen Capture: Message Drop-down on Printer Output Options


Shorten the text in your email cover letter to a maximum of 2000 characters.

  1. Open a file for testing the template in TaxCycle.
  2. Open the Template Editor.
  3. Find and view email template you used.
  4. Copy the text from the preview of the template. 
  5. Paste the text into a text editor like Notepad++ or into a site like Online Character Count Tool ( and check total character count is lower than 1024.
  6. Edit the template to make it shorter. 

We strongly recommend that you keep your emails short and put detailed information into the PDF file itself as email is not a secure form of communication. You can always create another letter template to add to your print set and include the relevant information as a cover letter to the PDF.