T1 Planner Worksheet

Updated: 2023-09-19

The T1 Planner worksheet allows to you to plan for the following tax year within the current-year file.

  1. Press F4, type T1Planner and press Enter to open the worksheet. You can also find it under the Worksheets section of the Prepare sidebar.
    Screen Capture: T1 Planner in Fast Find
  2. Click the Insert 20xx values into planner (overwrites any existing values) link in the blue bar at the top of the form to copy the values in the return into the worksheet. This action will overwrite any data already entered on the form, so it is the first action you should do. Scroll down to enter additional amounts applicable in the upcoming tax year, modify imported data, and explore what-if scenarios.
  3. You can also find an option to insert values in the right-click menu when you click on a field.
  4. Enter a Description at the top of the worksheet to identify each copy in search results and the sidebar. The T1Planner is a multi-copy form, so you can create as many versions as you want. They will appear separately in the sidebar and in search results.
    Screen Capture: T1 Planner Worksheet
  5. You can lock the T1 Planner worksheet to protect the data there while continuing to work on the rest of the return. Go the Security menu and click Lock Form.
    Screen Capture: Security Menu | Lock Form