RL-10 Tax Credit for a Labour-Sponsored Fund

Updated: 2022-03-18

The Québec Relevé 10 (RL-10 slip) does not have an equivalent federal slip. For this reason, in TaxCycle T1/TP1 returns for years 2020 and earlier, you entered information about labour-sponsored fund tax credit on the Credits worksheet.

Starting in 2021 tax years, enter information about Québec labour-sponsored funds directly on the RL-10 slip. 

RL-10 Data Entry Slip

  1. The top of the RL-10 data entry slip has two sections and separate boxes for Fonds de solidarité, from the Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ), and Fondaction, from Confédération des syndicats du Québec (CSN). Enter amounts in the section and boxes that appear on your client’s RL-10 slip.
  2. For Fondaction (CSN) amounts, two sets of fields support the change in rates for the tax credit that occurred in 2021. The letters for the boxes match those on the client’s RL-10. 
  3. At the bottom of the data entry slip, you can enter details of RRSP contributions reported with your client’s RL-10.
  4. If you did not already import those contributions from Auto-fill my return (AFR), answer Yes to transfer these amounts to the RRSP worksheet. 

Screen Capture: RL10 Data Entry Slip

Credits Worksheet

The Credits worksheet calculates the credit claimed and the carryforward of any unused amounts. This calculation considers any differences between the Québec and federal rules. 

For provinces other than Québec, enter details about labour-sponsored funds directly on the Credits worksheet.