TaxFolder FAQ

Updated: 2023-02-08

This list of frequently asked questions is for tax preparers. If you're looking for help on how to sign, upload or download documents, see the FAQ for End Users or contact your tax preparer for assistance.

TaxFolder is a secure, online platform that helps you work virtually with your clients. It includes:

  • Collecting client information and documents securely
  • Requesting and receiving electronic signatures on forms
  • Integrating these online services with TaxCycle
  • Managing engagements across your team

Even if you have occasional in-person visits with your clients, you can still use TaxFolder to manage engagement and signatures for those clients. They can sign electronically on a touch screen tablet or phone in your office.

With TaxFolder you can run your practice virtually and more seamlessly support your in-person clients. TaxFolder enables you to spend more time providing value-add guidance to clients, and less time collecting information, doing follow-ups, and managing the endless bits of workflow.

You can sign documents and use the TaxFolder client portal and client dashboard from a browser on your desktop, or from a mobile device or tablet. See the system requirements for browser and device support.

Current pricing is available at

Sign up for TaxFolder when you purchase your TaxCycle license at

TaxFolder was built with the flexibility of being able to support a sole practitioner or a larger firm. TaxFolder allows you to assign engagements to your team members and track their progress through the online portal.

Yes. Sign in to the TaxFolder Client Dashboard to upload a document and send it for signature or approval.

Yes, you can add your logo and it will appear in emails that go to your clients and in the header of the client upload portal.

Yes, each document can have up to four approvers or signers.

To sign or download a document, your clients are asked to verify their identity using key information. This includes at least the last four digits of their phone number and a verification code sent to that number. If they have a mobile number, they will enter the last four digits of the number to receive a text message with the verification code. If they have a land line, the verification process will call them and will provide the verification code by voice. In addition, they may also be required to provide identifying information from their tax return. (Please note that international phone numbers from some countries are not supported at this time.)

We require this step to help protect your clients from fraud. We have consulted with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on the process we have in place. They state that electronic filers (tax preparers) are responsible for verifying the identity of the taxpayer, both to protect their own interests and the integrity of the tax system. Email alone is not a secure form of communication, and an email can easily be forwarded or misdirected. Sending the link to request a signature by email AND requiring verification through code delivered by a phone number provides increased assurance as to the identity of the person signing the document. The person signing the document must have access to both means of communication at the time they sign the document to gain access.

For uploading documents to share with you, you can invite your client to create a TaxCycle Account. They will then sign in with their email address and password. They can also secure this account with two-factor authentication if they wish.

No, your clients will not receive another email if they ignore the original request. However, you can manually resend a signature request. See the Client Email Notifications From TaxFolder help topic.

Yes, signature requests expire after 14 days. If this happens, verify the email address and resend the request. To change the email address or phone number use Edit Fields to make changes and send again. See the Updating Client Email and Phone Number in TaxFolder help topic.

TaxFolder supports any standard PDF file when creating a signature or approval request. Password-protected PDF files or PDFs with a complex code, like fillable tables, are not supported.

Check out the Client Email Notifications From TaxFolder help topic to see which emails your clients will receive and how to trigger them. You can also view and change your notification settings in TaxFolder.

As a tax preparer, you can contact TaxCycle technical support to ask questions and resolve any issues. You are responsible for supporting your clients as they use TaxFolder to sign and share documents. Please direct them to the FAQ for End Users.