TP-1008 Consent to Online Notices

Updated: 2023-04-17

The TP-1008 allows you to register a Québec taxpayer to receive their Notice of Assessment and/or notices relating to the Solidarity Tax Credit through their Revenu Québec online My Account.

Screen Capture: Revenu Quebec question on the Info worksheetCompleting the TP-1008

  1. Enter the taxpayer's email address in the Contact section of the Info worksheet.
  2. Scroll down to the Québec TP1 section of the Info worksheet.
  3. Answer Yes to the question asking whether the taxpayer wishes to receive all correspondence from Revenu Québec only online.
  4. These two fields flow to the TP-1008 form and are transmitted by NetFile with the TP1 return.

Screen Capture: TP1008 Form