How to Start a TaxCycle Forms File

Updated: 2023-03-03

TaxCycle Forms module helps you prepare a variety of government forms for your clients. Use these forms for individuals, corporations, trusts, charities or partnerships. For a list of the forms included in this module, see the TaxCycle Forms Collection page.

Create a Forms File From Another Return

You can create a Forms file from another TaxCycle to carry taxpayer information directly into the return.

  1. Open TaxCycle file containing the taxpayer information.
  2. Go to the Data menu.
  3. Click on Create 2022 Forms (or the year of return you need).
  4. TaxCycle will create and open the new file, inserting the relevant taxpayer details on the Info worksheet, including the type of taxpayer, jurisdiction, contact, account, business and rental information.
  5. Save the file before you continue.

Screen Capture: Create 2022 Forms

Start a New TaxCycle Forms File

  1. On the Start Screen, click on the Forms icon.
  2. Click on New Form to start a new file.
    Screen Capture: New TaxCycle Forms
  3. The Info worksheet offers fields for all the taxpayer types and jurisdictions/residencies. The form changes based on your selections.
  4. Select the Type of Taxpayer to display the applicable sections. For example, select T2 Corporation to display the fields for entering the corporate information.
  5. Select the Jurisdiction or Residency to display the sections related to that jurisdiction. For example, choose British Columbia to see British Columbia Logging Income Tax section.
  6. To enter information about the contact person and authorized person, see the Contact Person and Authorized Person on the Info Worksheet (TaxCycle Forms) help topic.
    Screen Capture: TaxCycle Forms Info Worksheet