Overview of Review Tools

Updated: 2023-05-11

The audit and review process in TaxCycle runs in the background. As you enter data, TaxCycle checks for missing information and optimization opportunities. 

  1. Click Review on the side of the window or press F9 to view a list of review, error and audit messages.
  2. To display only messages of a specific type, select a view.
  3. Double-click on the message to jump to the field with the issue.
  4. Click a blue link in the message to jump to the related field or form.
  5. Quick Fix solutions allow you to resolve the issue. Click the light bulb to see the options.
    Screen capture: Review Sidebar
  6. Fields with review messages have a corner triangle in a colour that indicates the severity of the issue.
  7. If you set it in Options, fields with review messages will also have a yellow background.
  8. Hover over the field to see a pop-up of the review message(s) related to that field (there may be more than one).
  9. If you choose not to address a message, click the check mark to sign off for only this return. Critical messages cannot be signed off.
    Screen Capture: Review Messages in Fields
  10. Never show this message for any clients disables the review message for all clients. You can re-enable it again in Review Options. Critical messages cannot be disabled.
    Screen Capture: never show this messages for any clients
  11. Use review marks to flag fields for later, or to sign off items previously flagged for review.
  12. Add tapes or memos to fields to assist in calculations and retain notes.
    Screen Capture: Add review marks and memos