T2 Paper Filing

Updated: 2023-06-08

If you choose not to EFILE a T2 corporate tax return, you must print the bar code for the return on paper and mail it to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Paper Filing Question on the T2 Corporation Internet Filing (CIF) Worksheet (T2CIFWS)

To trigger the print sets for paper filing a T2 return:

  1. Go to the T2 Corporate Internet Filing (CIF) Worksheet (T2CIFWS).
  2. Select Yes to the question This return is eligible for Corporate Internet Filing but you're choosing not to Internet file.

Screen Capture: T2CIFWS in TaxCycle

Screen Capture: Print the T2 Bar code print set

Print the T2 Barcode Print Set

  1. When you answer the paper-filing question on the T2CIFWS, the T2 Online Filing box in the Transmit sidebar changes to prompt you to paper file the return.
  2. There is a drop-down menu at the top of the Print/PDF sidebar that allows you to restrict the list of print sets by type or return. Choose T2 to see only the print sets related to T2.
  3. This print set contains the T2 Bar code (T2Barcode) when you print on paper.
  4. Print the T2 Bar code print set and mail it to the CRA. (Learn more about printing in the Print/PDF a Return help topic.)