Review Menu

Updated: 2020-07-20

On the Review tab, you can choose from different types of review marks to make your point, just as you would with a paper copy: arrows, check marks, memos, stamps and more.

Use these to annotate a document as it moves through the review process. For example: 

  1. Elizabeth (your accounting tech) might want to leave a note for you (the tax preparer), that the client has an amended slip on the way. She does this by typing a Memo for you or by stamping the document as Revision Expected.
  2. You come along a few days later, ready to prepare the tax return and now you know to check in with Elizabeth. Or, Elizabeth gets the revised slip herself before you even look at the file and adds it to the file with the stamp Revised. You now know that the revised slip has come in (you get the picture).

Adding Annotations

  1. Click the Review menu.
  2. Click on a review mark, stamp or annotation to add it to your cursor. Click on the page to place it.
  3. Click the Select button to return to "drop" the review mark.
  4. Once placed, click and hold to drag to move a mark or annotation. Click the red x at the top right to delete the mark.
  5. Click Custom Stamps to open options for creating stamps with custom text and custom colour. See the Custom Stamps help topic.
  6. You can filter the document index based on annotations. See the Filter Menu help topic.


Cross Reference Links

You can add cross-reference links within a DoxCycle PDF:

  1. On the Review menu, click on Link to pick up the tool.
  2. Open the page where you want to add the first reference point and click once on the page.
  3. Go to the page where you want to place the other reference point and click once to add it.
  4. References are numbered pairs. For example, 1a and 1b, or 2a and 2b.
  5. To jump between the two reference points, click the arrow on the right of one of the reference points.
  6. To delete a reference pair, hover over one of the reference points and click the delete button. This deletes both points.

cross reference links

Show or Hide Annotations

Use the Show Annotations and Hide Annotations buttons on the View menu to show and hide annotations on screen.

If you want to email your source documents with annotations included, click the Show Annotations button before sending. To send the documents without annotations, click the Hide Annotations button before sending.