T1 Engagement Worksheet

Updated: 2022-08-12

The Engagement worksheet is the source of information about your relationship with the client.

When you create or carry forward a file, TaxCycle inserts details about you and your firm from options. For more information on managing Options see the Options Profile help topic.

  1. If the preparer details on the Engagement worksheet do not match the defaults set in options, a message to Set reviewer/manager appears at the top of the worksheet.
  2. The Office section contains information about you the tax preparer, your office, and your reviewer/manager. You can update this information in Preparer options, see the Contact and Address Options help topic.
    Screen Capture: Set Manager/Reviewer
  3. The Dates section displays key dates related to preparing the return. The Workflow due dates correspond with those on the Workflow Groups and Tasks. The Completion dates correspond with the date that certain tasks were completed.
  4. The Engagement section tracks interactions with your clients such as the preferred Method of communication (Email, Telephone, Text…). You can also indicate the Tax return purpose to create planning or training files, see the T1 Planning and Training Files help topicScreen Capture: Dates and Engagements
  5. If you wish to keep track of preparing other types of returns for the same client, record them in the Other Engagements section.Screen Capture: Other Engagements
  6. The Consent section displays information related to filing any AuthRep Authorization or Cancellation requests as well as other consent forms (AuthRepBus, AuthRepBusCancel and MR-69) see the Authorization Requests help topics. This section also shows a history of authorization requests.
  7. Click the blue links to open the related forms.Screen Capture: Consent
  8. If you prepare discounted returns, complete the Discounter section. This information also flows from the Discounter page in options when you create or carry forward a return. Leave this section blank if it does not apply to you.
  9. If you prepare bankruptcy returns, enter the trustee information in the Trustee in Bankruptcy section. See the “Set up trustee information” section in the Bankruptcy help topic for more information.Screen Capture: Discounter and Trustee information
  10. In the Invoice section, the invoice number and amount flow from the Billing worksheet. You can also track how the client prefers to receive their invoice.
  11. If the client informs you they will have a new address for next year’s return, you can enter the information here and TaxCycle will use it when carrying forward the file to the next year.Screen Capture: Invoice Section
  12. To add disclaimer text to the T1 jacket or summaries, enter the text in the applicable box in the Disclaimers section and check the corresponding box. You can set defaults for this text on the Disclaimer page in T1 module options.Screen Capture: Disclaimers