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Canada's premier secure e-mail and file sharing service built exclusively for industry professionals and their clients. e-Courier provides encrypted communications while solely using Canadian servers — securely sharing and storing client files and documents for the long term. e-Courier protects encryption keys and authenticates all of their users prior to accessing their service; where every message and file is stored on their server and is encrypted using open source cryptography libraries.

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Knowledge Bureau

Knowledge Bureau™ is Canada’s leading post-secondary educational institute and publisher focused on excellence in financial education for professional advisors and their clients. Through online courses and live learning events taught by industry leaders, tens of thousands of professionals have earned the certification, diplomas and professional designations they need to fill knowledge gaps, excel in their careers, train staff and position their professional practices for change and growth. 

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PaymentEvolution provides easy to use, secure online payroll services to small and mid-sized businesses across Canada. Accountants, CPA firms and financial institutions rely on PaymentEvolution for payroll expertise and services for their clientele. They're bringing innovation and simplicity back into the payroll market – from new ways to pay your employees to their open developer program. They're making it easier for you to process your payroll and give your employees a great experience with their payslips.

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TPS Software

TPS Software, Canada’s leader in practice management software designed specifically for professional accountants. TPS has been serving the accounting profession for over 19 years. TPS provides a complete suite of features in a simple-to-use program that makes managing a practice simpler. Clients of TPS range from sole practitioners to firms with multiple offices. TPS – Your CPA Practice – Managed.

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