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In this webinar, Sarka Hojda, CPA/CGA and Tax Analyst at TaxCycle, will teach you the basics of T5013 partnership return preparation, including how to review, file and print the returns.

This webinar will walk you through how to:

  • Enter partner information on the Partner and Allocation worksheets.
  • Complete GIFI schedules and adjustments, as well as any applicable federal and provincial schedules.
  • Enter asset information.
  • Allocate net taxable income from the S1 and TPF worksheets.
  • Review amounts to allocated partners.
  • Report foreign income, if required.

Answer the polls during the webinar to earn 0.75 verifiable CPD credits.

Presented by: Sarka Hojda

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Complete the Motor Vehicle Expenses worksheet in TaxCycle T1. Learn how to:

  • Create a new Motor Vehicle worksheet
  • Enter vehicle information and mileage
  • Share motor vehicle worksheets between spouses and statements
  • Allocate kilometrage to income statements
  • Enter fuel and maintenance expenses
  • Trigger motor vehicle CCA
  • Calculate applicable leasing costs
  • Enter loan interest payment for a vehicle

Answer the polls during the webinar to earn 0.25 verifiable CPD credits.

Presented by: Parminder Kaur

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Learn how to prepare a basic T3 trust return and slips in TaxCycle. In this webinar, you will learn how to create a T3 return from a TaxCycle T1 return, how to enter beneficiary information and allocate income to beneficiaries, how to prepare T3 slips and file T3REC and slips, how to use the Schedule 9 worksheet to decide which amounts to tax in the trust, and how to adjust a T3 return after it has been filed.

Presented by: Sarka Hojda

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System Requirements

You will need to be at a computer with either speakers or headphones and a high-speed internet connection.

Professional Development Credits

Answer the polls to qualify for verifiable CPD credit hours. Download your certificate after you complete the training from the same portal where you take the training.