TaxCycle T5

Slips for investment income

TaxCycle T5

Issue t-slips to recipients and file the related issuer summaries with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec.

Prepare and electronically file unlimited federal T5 slips and summaries, as well as unlimited Québec RL-3.

TaxCycle T5 is included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite, the Paperless Office or Tax Basics. It is also available as a stand-alone module. 

Time-saving Excel® slips import

Populate our sample Excel® template with your client's slip recipient data. Then drag and drop it onto the TaxCycle window to import. You can even undo and redo!

SlipSync T5s with T1 returns

Prepare T5 slips and publish them to SlipSync. If you're preparing a T1 return for one of the slip recipients, TaxCycle alerts you to import the T5 slip data.

Carry forward from software or XML

Carry forward slips from prior-year ProFile® FX, Cantax® FormMaster, or Taxprep® Forms files. Or, bring in the XML file transmitted to the CRA last year.

Email a request for missing slip info

Save time when getting ready to file. In a single click, send an email to your client requesting specific information missing from slips in the file.

Live preview of printed slips

Printed slips show at the bottom of each data entry page. Open a second window and watch it update as you enter data in the main TaxCycle window.

Québec RL-3 preparation

Use TaxCycle T5 to prepare the related Québec RL-3 relevés. Start by entering data on the T5 slips, then scroll down to complete and review the related Québec fields.

Defaults speed data entry

Set the default recipient type, city, province, footnotes, and information boxes on the Info worksheet to automatically populate all T5 slips in the file.

More than just a summary

The Slips summary lists all the slips in the file. Use it as a review tool. Add review marks. Double-click to drill down to the source slip.

Independent and integrated

A separate module for T5s allows us to build special T5 features, and lets you set specific options just for T5 slips. Tight integration with other modules means you can create a T5 from a T2 return.

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Forms and features

Number of returns Unlimited
TaxCycle T5   
ProFile® FX  
Cantax® FormMaster  
Taxprep® Forms  
CRA Internet File Transfer (XML) for T5 (original, amended or cancelled slips)  
Revenu Québec RL-3 (original, amended or cancelled relevés)  
Info – Return Information  
Engagement — Engagement Information  
Workflow — Workflow Summary  
CustomFields — Custom Fields Worksheet  
InternetWS – Internet Filing Results  
IN412A – Information for Users of RL Slip Software  
T5 – Statement of investment income  
RL-3 Slip: Investment Income (Québec)  
T5Summary – Summary of Investment Income  
RL3Summary – Summary of Investment Income (Québec)  
Slips – Slip Summary  
Memo Summary  
Tape Summary  
ESignatureEmail – E-signature Cover Email  
T5Label – T5 Slip Mailing Label  
MLetter – Missing Slips Letter