TaxCycle T3

Trust Tax Returns

TaxCycle T3

All the great features you're used to in other TaxCycle tax modules, paired with trust-specific worksheets and calculations.

Prepare and electronically file unlimited federal T3 return and slips  and NR4 slips for non-resident trust beneficiaries (code 11) with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Also includes Québec TP-646 returns and RL-16 relevés.

TaxCycle T3 is included in the Complete Paperless Tax Suite and is also available as a standalone module.

Flexible allocation to beneficiaries

Enter beneficiaries on T3 slips, the Beneficiary worksheet, or the Allocation worksheet. Then, distribute income on the S9 worksheet.

Create a T3 from a T1

Effortlessly transfer taxpayer data from a TaxCycle T1/TP1 personal tax return into a TaxCycle T3/TP-646 trust return in a single click.  

Electronic filing for T3RET and slips

Electronically file T3 slips, NR4 slips, and the T3RET tax return (when eligible) through the CRA Internet File Transfer (XML) portal.

Québec TP-646 and RL-16 included

Prepare and file Québec TP-646 trust returns and the related RL-16 relevés for beneficiaries alongside your T3 return. For no extra cost.

Built-in NR4 slip preparation

Prepare (code 11) NR4 slips for non-resident trust beneficiaries right in TaxCycle T3/TP-646, without jumping to a separate slips module.

Carry forward from your old software

Bring forward existing trust return files from Intuit® ProFile® , Cantax® and Taxprep® . Save time when converting to TaxCycle.

Switch to TaxCycle today

Find out for yourself why thousands of tax preparers have already switched. Get up and running in just 10 minutes with your free trial of the TaxCycle Suite. Seamlessly carry forward returns from DT Max®, Cantax®, Taxprep® and ProFile® software.

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Forms and features

Number of returns Unlimited
Number of slips Unlimited
Federal T3 returns 2014 onward
Québec TP-646 returns 2017 onward
TaxCycle T3  
ProFile® T3  
Cantax® FormMaster  
Taxprep® T3  
CRA Internet File Transfer (XML) for T3 slips, T3RET, T3P and T2000  
Number of slips and returns Unlimited
Client Manager  
Template Editor  
Info - Trust Information  
Engagement - Engagement Information  
Allocation - Beneficiary Allocation  
Beneficiary - Beneficiary Information  
ABIL - Allowable Business Investment Losses  
S1M - Capital property disposition manager  
Charitable donations worksheet  
FTC - Foreign Tax Credits  
IncomeDeduction - Details of various income and deduction amounts  
Instalments worksheet   
Internet file worksheet   
NetCapLoss - Net Capital Losses  
NonCapLoss - Non-Capital Losses  
S9Allocation - Beneficiary information  
Loss carryback worksheet  
T3Ben - T3 Allocations and Designations to a Beneficiary  
T3Summary - Summary of Trust Income Allocations and Designations  
T3 - Statement of Trust Income  
T5 - Statement of Investment Income  
T5008 - Statement of Securities Transactions   
T5013 - Statement of Partnership Income  
T101 - Statement of Resource Expenses  
Foreign Income  
T3RET - T3 General  
T3P - Employees' Pension Plan Income Tax Return  
T3FFT - Federal Foreign Tax Credits  
T3PFT - Provincial Foreign Tax Credits  
T3MJ - T3 Provincial and Territorial taxes – Multiple Jurisdictions  
T2000 - Calculation of Tax on Agreements to Acquire Shares (section 207.1(5) of the Income Tax Act)  
T244 - Registered Pension Plan Annual Information Return  
S1A - Capital Gains on Gifts of Certain Capital Property  
S1 - Dispositions of Capital Property  
S2 - Reserves on Dispositions of Capital Property  
S3 - Eligible Taxable Capital Gains  
S4 - Cumulative Net Investment Loss  
S5 - Spousal or Common-Law Partner Trust's Capital Gain Deduction in Year of Beneficiary's Death  
S6 - Trusts' Agreement to Allocate the Basic Exemption from Minimum Tax  
S7 - Pension Income Allocations and Designations  
S8 - Statement of Investment Income  
S9 - Income Allocations and Designations to Beneficiaries  
S10 - Part XII.2 Tax and Part XIII Non-Resident Withholding Tax  
S11 - Federal Tax  
S12 - Minimum Tax  
T1055 - Summary of Deemed Dispositions  
T2233 - Election to Defer Payment of Income Tax  
T1163/T1273 - AgriStability Statement A, plus related CCA/asset, CEC, farming inventory adjustment and T1139  
T1164/T1274 - AgriStability Statement B   
T776 - Real Estate Rentals, plus related CCA/asset worksheets  
T2042 - Farming Activities, plus related CCA/asset, CEC, farming inventory adjustment and T1139  
T2121 - Fishing Activities, plus related CCA/asset, CEC, and T1139  
T2125 - Business or Professional Activities, plus related CCA/asset, CEC, and T1139  
T3A - Request for Loss Carryback by a Trust  
T3ADJ - T3 Adjustment Request  
T1013 - Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative  
T1079 and T1079WS - Designation of a Property as a Principal Residence by a Personal Trust  
T1135 - Foreign Income Verification Statement  
T1141 - Information return in respect of transfers or loans to a non-resident trust   
T1142 - Information return in respect of distributions from and Indebtedness to a Non-Resident Trust   
TX19 - Asking for a Clearance Certificate  
RC59 - Business Consent Form  
TP-646 jacket  
Schedule A (TPA) - TaxCycle Capital Gains and Designated Net Taxable Capital Gains  
Schedule B (TPB) - Investment Income, Gross-Up of Dividends Not Designated and Adjustment of Investment Expenses  
Schedule C (TPC) - Summary of Allocations and Designations  
Schedule D (TPD) - Carry-Back of a Loss  
Schedule E (TPE) - Income Tax on the Taxable Distributions Amount and Calculation of Eligible Dividends to Be Designated  
Schedule F (TPF) - Income Tax Payable by a Specified Trust for a Specified Immovable  
Schedule G (TPG) - Additional Information - Trust Resident in Québec That Owns a Specified Immovable  
Schedule H (TPH) - Recovery tax  
TPF-646.W Keying Summary for the Trust Income Tax Return  
TPF-646.X Keying Summary for Schedules A, F, G and H of the Trust Income Tax Return  
TPF-646.Y Keying Summary for Forms TP-80-V and TP-128.F-V Filed with the Trust Income Tax Return  
TPF-646.Z Keying Summary for Forms Filed with the Trust Income Tax Return  
TP-128.F - Rental  
TP-653 - Deemed Sale Applicable to Certain Trusts  
TP-668.1 - Taxable Capital Gains of a Trust That Give Entitlement to a Deduction  
TP-729 - Carry-Forward of Net Capital Losses  
TP-750 - Income tax payable by a trust resident in Québec that carries on a business in Canada or outside Québec  
TP-77642 - Alternative Minimum Tax  
RL-16 - Revenus de fiducie  
TPIncomeDeductions – Details of various income and deduction amounts  
TPABIL worksheet - Québec Allowable Business Investment Losses  
2-Year Client Summary  
2-Year Variance Summary  
5-Year Summary  
Foreign Tax Summary  
Summary of business, farming, fishing and rental income  
Income Statement Summary  
T3 Summary for Trust   
Slips Summary  
Tape Summary  
Client correspondence and templates  
Client letter