Auto-fill My Return (AFR)

Download data from the Canada Revenue Agency

Review downloaded data before using it in the tax return. The AFR window shows a preview of the download data side-by-side with the amounts already in your tax return. More  
TaxCycle automatically matches downloaded slips with those carried forward from the prior year, or you can create a new slip for the new data. More  
Purpose-built tools help you reconcile groups of the same slip, like T3 or T5008 slips. Export the data to Excel. Aggregate amounts from multiple slips into one slip. More  
Exclude any slip from the import. TaxCycle keeps the downloaded data in the file in case you change your mind later. Exclude T3 slips from import and the T3Rec worksheet will still alert you when the AFR totals differ from those entered in the return. More  
TaxCycle compares the downloaded data with that already in the tax return and alerts you of any differences. Quick Fix review messages make it easy to apply the AFR data to the return. More  
TaxCycle highlights amended and new data in the AFR window, so you know what changed since the last download. More  

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Jay Arieli

"We saw a huge saving with TaxCycle’s Auto-fill my return (AFR) implementation."Jay Arieli | Owner | Tax Preparer | J A Financial Services

During the first season, I saved about 10-15% of my time. That is a lot in savings when you do 1200 T1s. We saw another huge saving with TaxCycle’s Auto-fill my return (AFR) implementation. My prices didn’t increase but my business revenue went up by 20%! And I worked 10-15% less again.

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