"My business revenue went up by 20%."

Jay Arieli
Owner | Tax Preparer | J A Financial Services

Jay Arieli

How much time did you save?

During the first season, I saved about 10-15% of my time. That is a lot in savings when you do 1200 T1s. We saw another huge saving with TaxCycle’s Auto-fill my return (AFR) implementation. My prices didn’t increase but my business revenue went up by 20%! And I worked 10-15% less again.

Why did you switch to TaxCycle?

I have always appreciated Cameron Peters and what he’s done for my practice with Intuit ProFile® software. Marc Labrecque is awesome too. The whole team listens to customers and finds solutions. Pressing issues get fixed quickly. Everyone at Trilogy Software is very personable; they know me when I call.

How long did it take to learn TaxCycle?

It probably took me about a week. After the first few weeks, my staff were also comfortable. I did training sessions with one employee to run through scenarios ahead of time. The other thing that made it easier was how TaxCycle’s features are similar to our old software.

What concerns did your team have about switching?

I knew my old software inside and out—I used it for about 15 years. My staff were hesitant in learning a new program, so I brought them to a TaxCycle seminar. I highly recommend attending.

What do you like most about Auto-fill my return (AFR)?

The best TaxCycle feature for me in relation to AFR is the T5008 handling. I don’t have to type every sale or transaction of a disposition of stocks. My average client usually has about 30 to 50 dispositions, but I also have clients who have 100 to 200 dispositions. That is a huge time-saver.

Location: Markham, Ontario

Number of returns: 1200 T1s, 50-75 T2s

Staff: 3, plus a couple seasonal employees

Specialties:T1s, T2s (plus bookkeeping). Flow-through investments.

Products: Complete Paperless Tax Suite

First T1 season with TaxCycle: 2015