Review Marks

Updated: 2020-07-22

Use review marks to flag fields for later, or to sign off items previously flagged for review.

  1. In the Home menu, click on a review mark button to “pick up” the mark.
  2. Click on a field to attach the review mark to the right side of a field.
  3. Click the Select button in the menu to return to a regular cursor.
  4. Click on the field with a first review or second review check mark to resolve a previously-added question or correction.
  5. You can also right-click on a field, and select the Review marks menu to add or remove review marks.

Review marks

Keyboard shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly add review marks to the field your cursor is currently in:

  • Ctrl+6 - Question mark
  • Ctrl+7 - Correction (X) mark
  • Ctrl+8 - First review check
  • Ctrl+9 - Second review check
  • Ctrl+0 - Clear review marks

If you have a review mark selected, press and hold the Ctrl key to temporarily change it back to the cursor so that you can navigate or perform other tasks. Release the Ctrl key to revert to the review mark.

Finding fields with review marks

  1. Fields with review marks have a mark on the right side.
  2. Forms with review marks on them have the most-severe review mark in the form icon. A Correction mark takes precedence over the Question mark if both are on the form. See the Form icons and field text colours help topic
  3. Select the Errors and questions view in the Prepare sidebar to list all forms with outstanding errors or questions on them.
  4. In the Review sidebar, fields with outstanding errors or question review marks appear in the Require attention
  5. To list fields marked with the First review or Second review marks, select First or second review in the Review sidebar.
  6. To see all fields with Question review marks, select Questions in the Review sidebar. 
  7. To see all fields with Correction review marks, select Corrections in the Review sidebar. 
  8. Double click on an entry in the Review sidebar to go to the related field.
  9. When in the Review sidebar, click on the review mark on the right side of the message to remove a review mark from the field.


Add review marks to the Slips summary

You can add review marks to the slips summary, making it a much better review tool. Click on the review marks in the ribbon and then click on an amount to attach them to the field.

You can also add memos to fields on the slip summary. Click on an amount and then press F8 to create the memo.


Tracking review marks, overrides and sign offs

TaxCycle tracks the time and person when someone applies a review mark or override to a field, and when someone signs off on an override, field or message. To view the events:

  1. Hover the message in the Review sidebar; or
  2. Go to the File menu, click on Info, then click on History.

Track sign offs, overrides, review marks

Review options

  1. To open options, go to the File menu, then Options. Or, if you are on the Start screen, click Options in the blue bar on the left.
  2. On the left, expand the Return preparation section and click on the Review page. 
  3. On the right, to hide the yellow background, clear the check box next to Show a coloured background on fields that have review messages.
  4. To show a yellow background on fields with memos, tapes and attachments, check Show a coloured background on fields that have memos tapes or attached files.
  5. If you prefer higher-contrast review marks, check Use red review check marks on forms.
  6. If you prefer not to see review messages in a hover pop-up, clear that option.
  7. Check or uncheck Remove review message on first review and/or Remove review messages on second review to control when a message is signed off.
  8. Check Show an override review message when the calculated value equals the imported or scanned value to see an override message when amount posted from DoxCycle is the same as a calculated value.
  9. Click Apply or OK to save your changes.