Accessing TaxFolder After Renewal

Updated: 2023-02-07

TaxFolder is an annual subscription that follows the same license end dates as your TaxCycle purchase. If you renew your license in the summer or fall, this new license only becomes active at the start of the new calendar year.

TaxCycle Account Does Not Have a TaxFolder License Associated To It

To associate a renewed license with a firm’s TaxFolder account, you must sign in to TaxFolder with the email address used to purchase or renew TaxFolder. This allows TaxFolder to retrieve the new license and associate it with all users in the firm’s account.

If you do not do this, users may see a notice that says your TaxCycle Account does not have a TaxFolder license associated to it. This notice can also appear when a team member tries to send a request from TaxCycle to TaxFolder.

How to Apply a Renewed License 

To apply a renewed license to all users in your firm’s account:

  1. Sign in to TaxFolder using the same email address used to purchase the license. 
  2. Sign out of TaxFolder.
  3. Sign in to TaxFolder with a different account and make sure you can access the Client Dashboard.